Creating a Craft Room that Works

Craft Room Basics

It seems that everyone is searching for tips on creating a craft room that works in any home. I can safely say that I’ve found a few ways to make your craft room functional for you, even if you need to move it one day. As y’all know, we recently moved from a newly built home into a home that’s over 100 years old. You wouldn’t necessarily think the exact same elements from one craft room would suit the other. WRONG! When you design your space with truly functional elements, it can work anywhere.

Tried and True Pieces

I started the craft room with some basic elements. Store bought base cabinets provide an awesome work space as well as storage (which you MUST have). If you’ll watch the home improvement stores for sales, you can pick up base cabinets for not too much money. We used two 15″ bases with a drawer and one door and two 18″ three drawer cabinets. Spacing them out will give you room for chairs like a regular desk. You’ll need drafting height chairs, however. By joining the two 15″ bases, we created the center of the wall work station. The 18″ cabinets act as the outside bases. Our work top is literally a premade laminate kitchen countertop. It measures 10 feet. 

Wall Storage

Wall storage is a must if you want to maximize your space. There are a couple of ways to go here. Our choice was to use grid panels and slat walls. These are fairly inexpensive and provide a ton of storage. You’ll need to buy the accessories; hooks, baskets, and such. For the grid panels, you’ll also need to get the wall hanging brackets to mount them. The slat walls just screw directly into the walls. We used these exact panels and walls from our other house. When it was time to move, we just unscrewed everything, wrapped, and packed it all up.

Cubbies are a Must

I love using storage cubbies. The closet cubbie works great to store 10″ rolls of deco mesh. You can also use the little drawers that fit in each space. There is a ton of room for any think you can stack. It’s amazing the amount of stuff you can store in these things!

Ikea makes taller cubbies that are perfect for storing everything from scrapbook papers (I have racks and racks) to every little embellishment you may be storing for making wreaths. We use a double sided unit with a single next to it. I stack my bigger rolls of ribbon on top. 

Speaking of Ribbon Storage

If you’ve spent any time on my blog, you’ve probably seen my post on ribbon storage. We use basic spice racks; the kind you attach to the back of a cabinet door. Six of them will accommodate almost 200 rolls of ribbon (depending on the width). Now if you have rolls that are 25 yard or more, those won’t fit- the circumference is too great. But for your average size ribbon rolls, it’s perfect. 

Flowers for Days

If you’re a wreath maker like me, you undoubtedly have more flowers than you know what to do with. I buy lots of flowers at the end of each season when they are on sale for 75% off. Sales like that are my favorite. But flowers are not easily stored to where you can access them and be able to see what all you actually have. My first solution was to use the tall round tin buckets. The only problem with them is that they have a small base which makes them easy to tip over. Since I already had them, I still used them, but I purchased short waste baskets for the majority of my florals. Seriously, trash cans. In my old craft room I had a nice ledge that gave me stackable space.  We’ll add a ledge at some point.

Craft Table

I have a craft table in addition to the side cabinets. Some craft rooms don’t have room for both a table and the cabinets. If there’s a choice between the two, I’d choose the table. Ours is nice because it came with shelves on each end. I think Nebraska Furniture Mart carries this table if you were looking for one like it. If you have a smaller space and need to make your own table to your measurements, you can totally do this also! Our first craft room was a 10×11 bedroom. The shelves of my current table are great for holding baskets. Oh yeah, baskets are cheap storage solutions. I keep my scissors, wire cutters, flower scraps, hot glue pellets, etc. in baskets. Fat rolls of poly burlap mesh also fit nicely on the shelves. The Mean Man made a nice cart to hold my 21″ mesh rolls.

Craft Rooms Past

This is, of course, not our first rodeo. Here are the craft rooms in our other houses. Where it all started.

The Craft Room We Brought with Us



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  1. Altamease Buie

    This is awesome!!! Everything so organized with no problem finding what you need or want.
    Thank you, I will look into some of the ideas displayed.
    Congratulations are in order.


    • Kelly

      Altamease- Thank you so much for stopping by! It’s true- I have nice functional storage that wasn’t too difficult to achieve. It was kind of you to let me know you enjoyed the post. Blessings! -Kelly


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