Wood Signs

Wood signs can say so much!

Wood signs whether rustic, formal, stenciled, or vinyl lettering are all the rage, and with good reason. There is beauty in words. Simple one sentence phrases can give a feeling of warmth, comfort, and dare I say it? Happiness. They can convey our thoughts perfectly and look lovely while doing it.

I’ve made a several wood signs in the past months and really enjoy the simplicity and frankly, ease of which they are made. Using scrap wood, stain, chalk paint, and vinyl lettering has made these projects some of my favorites.

Stencil signs are a cheap way to get started. I don’t actually have any tutorials using stencils, because quite honestly, I suck at it! It’s possible that the quality of my stencils has led to my sad attempts. If you’re going to use stencils, be sure they are of a really good quality and thickness. Using a Silhouette for vinyl lettering has been my savior in producing wood signs I’m proud to actually display. If you can’t afford a Cameo- start with a Portrait. It’s smaller and cheaper but you can still produce large enough lettering to make great signs. I ordered my Portrait from Home Shopping Network years ago. It came with tons of accessories and I was able to get it using the multiple payment option so I didn’t have to come out of pocket all at once; great option!

Once you have your stencils or vinyl cutter you’ll be amazed at how cheaply these signs can be made. What one sign would cost to purchase, you can likely buy enough supplies to make several of your own. Find quotes and phrases on the good ol’ interwebs. Scour Pinterest and borrow ideas. That’s why they are there! Imitation is the highest form of flattery, after all.



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