Eats and Drinks

Don’t laugh- I eats and drinks (even if I don’t cooks very often)

Every blog contains eats and drinks- mine is not any different, except that I have a fairly simple palate and share fairly simple recipes. I love foods made with simple flavors; onion, celery, garlic, carrots, etc and the recipes I’ll share reflect that. Since our nest has been empty, The Mean Man and I tend to eat out almost every meal. But when I see a recipe that looks delicious and EASY, I’m all for trying it out. The Mean Man will tackle more difficult dishes so I’ll share a little bit of both.

We also wind up entertaining throughout the year. Neighbors stopping by are always a possibility in our little corner of the world- so we’re always ready to to serve drinks of all kinds. I’ll share a few potent potables along the way as well. I don’t drink alcohol very often, who needs those empty calories? But on a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than an ice cold beverage (and sometimes those beverages will have a little extra zing).


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