Guest Room Refresh

In an effort to make our guests feel welcomed…

Courtney’s bedroom had been purple long enough. She was no longer living at home (sadly) and the room definitely needed a refresh.


Guest Room Refresh

Guest Room

The TCU purple was perfect for a young girl, but it’s not exactly what I’d call sophisticated. The shelves held lots of framed pics of former boyfriends, cheerleaders, and college friends, but alas… their time had come and gone. We had to repair the damage left from a wallpaper border and remove the shelving unit and patch those screw holes before going with the new more neutral color palate. We went over the existing peel and stick tile floor with the wood look vinyl plank we had in the rest of the house. What a difference!

We went with an accent wall in brown and khaki on the other walls. I love the wall vinyl- and honestly- it was placed there as a subliminal message to my girls when they came home to visit. A truer statement cannot be found. “There’s no place like home.”

Guest Room Refresh


Guest Room Refresh







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