Gallery Wall

Turning a tall empty wall into a cool focal point

I knew I wanted make the big empty wall, a gallery wall. I had some ideas I thought I could incorporate- can you guess our home state?? So we went out to 1st Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas (the most amazing trade show in the world) and I just starting choosing items I thought would go with our Texas theme. I got super stoked when I found an amazing cow head. I’d been searching for one since we lived in our other house. I walked into a little shop and BOOM, there it was. Needless to say, The Mean Man hauled it around for me all day.

Here’s the sketch I made of our purchases. Clearly I’m an extraordinary artist.



I measured the space and then laid out the pieces to where they’d fit within the parameters of the wall.

Gallery Wall Layout


So what do they say about the best laid plans? One of the issues we encountered was needing to hang the heavier items where there was a wall stud available. This caused things to shift a bit. So, we adjusted. Here’s the first incarnation.

Gallery Wall

While I really liked how it looked, after a few weeks I just decided it needed something more. So I added some filler.

Gallery Wall

Sometimes, you just gotta wing it!




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