Kitchen Renovation Update


Almost to the Finish Line!

Rumor has it that our kitchen renovation will be completed this week. Now, I’ve heard this song before, so I’m cautiously optimistic. In light of nearing the finish line though, I thought I’d just give you a brief update of how far we’ve come. 

First off, let’s remember where we started.

We’ve mentioned in other posts that we suspect that this kitchen and dining area did not exist when the house was originally built. Our guess is that is was a porch. Two walls in the dining area were shiplap, but the other walls throughout the kitchen were beadboard. I knew I wanted to keep the shiplap wall exposed, but decided to go ahead and remove the beadboard from the other walls and go back with drywall. This gave us an opportunity to insulate those walls, which are north facing. Everything but the shiplap wall was taken down to the studs and drywall was added. We discovered more beadboard under the drywall ceiling and decided to expose it all. The beadboard that was removed from the walls was used to complete the ceiling.

Beadboard Ceiling

It was also important to me, that the kitchen and dining area have as open a feel as possible. We accomplished this by removing the wall that separated them. The result was amazing, totally achieving the open airy feel and making the space look so much bigger.

Colors and Finishes

Bight white shaker cabinets were my choice for the cabinets. Our house is Victorian, but it’s folk or farmhouse style. I wanted to keep the look simple, yet elegant. My biggest design risk was the floor. With so much white everywhere, I decided to just go for it and choose a bold graphic pattern for the floors. Turns out, this was a great choice! I’m in love with these floors. 

I chose a white sparkling quartz for our countertops. Y’all know how I am; I’m like a bird, if it sparkles, I’m all over it! There are flecks of gray throughout which makes a great tie in with the floors. The backsplash is a simple smaller subway tile with some crackled glass thrown in. We chose a stainless basin sink and industrial faucet. Cast iron was my first choice, but I just could not bring myself to spend almost a thousand dollars on a sink. 


There will also be a couple of wood beams added to the ceiling to cover the area where the floor joists make big seams. Even as I type this, the contractors are busily cutting the original trim to fit the new walls. I’m beyond ecstatic to have this room finished. 

Bathrooms are in the works, too!

We’ve haven’t really mentioned the other part of the house that’s almost complete. The master bathroom is nearing completion as well. The Mean Man refinished the outside of the two claw foot tubs that go in our master and guest bathrooms. (I promise we’ll have a tutorial on how this was done soon). We expect to have the master finished this week as well. I’m so excited to have a downstairs bathroom, y’all! 

I’ll hopefully have all the before and after pics ready to go later this week after the kitchen is complete. I’m super excited to share them with y’all.



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