Wood Block Sign

“Blessed” Wood Block Sign

Wood block signs can be used for just about any sentiment! Here’s my try at a wood block sign that describes my life: “Blessed Beyond Measure.”


2×4 White Pine Board

180 Grit Sandpaper

Chalk Paint

Scrap Paper

Paper Cutter

Spray Adhesive

Vinyl Letters or Letter Stencils

Wood Sealer

The Process

Start with a sketch of how you want the blocks laid out. Making the middle blocks different heights gives a lot of visual interest. Using a dye cutter like a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut is the easiest way to create the letters for your blocks. This was my first step. Laying the letters out on the Silhouette software gave the perfect visual guide. Cut out your letters in different heights with the first and last letter being the same height and the tallest of all the letters. You want them to be sort of book ends for your sign.

The width of the 2×4 (which isn’t actually 4″ wide- it’s more like 3 3/4) is what drives the overall width of your sign. After sanding, my blocks wound up about 3 3/8 wide. Here are the sizes of the blocks: B- 5 1/2,” L- 4 1/2,” E- 3 1/2,” S- 4,” S- 4 1/2,” E- 3 1/2,” D- 5 1/2,” Beyond Measure- 17 1/2.” Size your letters to fit on the blocks. If you use a stencil, you may need to adjust your blocks to be uniform.

Be sure to sand all of your blocks until they are nice and smooth. 180 grit sandpaper does a great job. An electric sander also makes the job much easier, but a sanding pad works fine. Sanding off the corners makes for a nice finished look, but not vital.

Layout all of your blocks to be sure everything lines up correctly.

Painting Your Blocks

The block faces will ultimately be covered with scrapbook paper, but you want your edges to look finished. For my blocks, I used a dry brush technique. You can purchase small bottles of chalk paint at the craft store. These are super cheap and can paint a ton of projects! I started with a light base coat of a peach color chalk paint. 

Remember, this can be a rough looking coat because you’ll dry brush a white chalk paint over it. Which was the next step. 

Next, it’s time you cut your scrapbook paper. Cut the paper to slightly smaller than the blocks. Use spray adhesive to attach to each block.

Using transfer paper, add your letters to each block.

The result is wonderful!

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