For many people, a car is an extension of their personal style. Tons of thought can go into the design of the vehicle. It’s not just paint and seat colors that gives a car personality. Let’s explore some ways you can add extra design style to your car that won’t break the bank; but will reflect your personal style.

Mirror accessories

Depending on the laws of your state; a fun way to add some whimsy to your car is to add a hanger from your rearview mirror. Some staples from the past include; furry dice, dreamcatchers, and graduation tassels. Today a new rage is car freshies. These accessories come in all shapes and sizes and contain fragrance oils that also add fresh odors to you the interior. There are lots of rear mirror accessory ideas here. Just be sure whatever accessory you choose does not impede your vision in any way.

Dashboard ornaments

Dashboard ornaments go back over 50 years. Many times they included religious icons but morphed into dancing hula girls. In the 1970s, silly purple cows or velvet dogs with nodding heads could be found in the front or back window dashboards. Most recently bobble heads picked up as souvenirs can be found on many dashboards. These are great reminders of special memories experienced.

Seat covers

Seat covers can be a way of protecting your seats or hiding damage/stains. They can also transform the look of your interior. You could opt for racing seat designs, vintage leather covers or something completely different. There are companies that can produce custom seat covers designed to the dimension of your specific car’s seating. Alternatively, you could try making your own seat covers.

Steering wheel covers

You could also consider spicing up your steering wheel with a steering wheel cover. These are available in all kinds of designs.

Leather wrap steering wheel covers that come in all colors could give your interior a sportier feel. Alternatively, you could look into glittery or furry steering wheel covers for a more feminine or whimsical touch. 

LED strips

Add some extra interior lighting to your car by buying some LED strips. These can be fitted wherever you feel; from in the footwells to around the dashboard. LED strips can come in various colors. Some are color-changing and can even be put on different flash settings – a fun feature for turning your car into a party vehicle. Just be sure that any interior lighting doesn’t impede your ability to see outside the vehicle.

Bumper stickers

When it comes to the exterior of your car, one of the most popular and simple forms of decorating is bumper stickers or window decals. Some people collect bumper stickers from different places they have traveled. Others look for funny or political bumper stickers.

You can buy bumper stickers online or find them in various stores. It’s also possible to make vinyl stickers if you feel creating your own designs or want to add some branding to a vehicle you use for business. 

Vinyl wrapping

A vinyl wrap involves literally wrapping your car in a sheet of vinyl. This is an extreme type of upgrade to the exterior of your vehicle. Usually businesses do this as a way to advertise. You’d need to have a professional company design the wrap you’d like and have them do the install. A wrap will completely transform the look of your car but do it in a temporary way.

Try it

Adding a bit of extra personal style to your car isn’t just for young people and doesn’t have to be expensive. Try a few of these ideas and let your car reflect your personal style.

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