With it’s comfortable cooler weather, fall is the perfect time to think about adding an outdoor living space. Whether you add a covered patio to your home, or create a covered space further out in your yard, it’s worth the time and investment. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of adding an outdoor living space.

They Make Use of Your Yard

Often times, we never take advantage of the space contained in our backyards. This is true especially if you don’t have children living at home. We tend to think of our backyards as a play area for our kids. But, it can actually become a grown-up paradise by adding a deck with a fire pit, for instance. There are great premade fire pits, many come with matching comfy chairs to go around it. 

Pick a corner of your backyard and make it an escape. Add a lovely fountain, a comfy outdoor chair and table, and some outdoor pillows. It can be the perfect place to unwind and find some peace in a busy day. Imagine sitting in such a space with a good book and a glass of wine. That sounds like paradise.

They Can Provide Shade

Even in cooler months, having the sun beating down on you can be a problem. Using your phone or laptop is almost impossible in bright sunshine. Adding a cover to your outdoor space can help remedy this.  According to Alamo Decks, A simple pergola is a great addition to help control the amount of sun that gets through. They also are a beautiful architectural detail that adds character to your space.

A pavilion can add additional shade because the structure is covered completely.  It’s the perfect place for pretty outdoor furniture and is mostly protected from the elements.

They Add Value to Your Property

There is no question that homes with outdoor living spaces add value to your property. Today, outdoor rooms are in high demand as buyers want to make maximize every inch of space available. People tend to just light up when they venture out into a backyard that has been transformed into an inviting useful space.

They Can Provide Privacy

If you live in a more open neighborhood and don’t have the advantage of a privacy fence, an outdoor structure can add much needed privacy. You’re probably thinking that the structures I’ve mentioned tend to be open all the way around. You can still add privacy. We added long thermal blinds to our structures. They can be lowered to shut off the view of neighbors and also help cut the glare from the setting sun. 

Wood panels can also be added. A panel of horizontal wood slats can let in light between the small opening between slats but won’t allow nosey Nellies to get a view. Add some climbing plants like  jasmine or honeysuckle to open fences will also add a barrier of privacy while giving your outdoor space beauty and a lovely fragrance.  

They Can Add the Feel of Additional Square Footage of Your Home

You don’t have to build an addition to your home to increase the feel of your square footage. By adding a patio or deck right up against your house, it gives the feeling of expansion. The addition of sliding glass doors or garden doors enhance this feeling. Adding an awning or cover really is a must if you want to really maximize the illusion of extra space.

Adding a beautiful outdoor dining set or furniture further enhances the feeling of more square footage. People actually do spend many hours a week in their outdoor living spaces. It can feel as much a part of the home as the indoor living areas.

They’re Not Too Difficult Install

There are pergola and pavilion kits available for purchase. We bout both from a big box store. We paid to have two concrete pads poured and then the hubs and I went to work putting the kits together (well, mostly the hubs). I’m not saying this was an easy weekend job, but we saved thousands of dollars by doing it ourselves. We paid less than $1,000 for the pergola and less than $1,500 for the pavilion. It’s one of the best investments we could have made.

They’re Great for Entertaining

There’s nothing as fun as having friends over. Everyone loves to party outdoors. It feels less claustrophobic than spending time in the house plus it gives space for corn hole tournaments, horseshoes, and other outdoor games. An outdoor living space is a perfect spot for the grill or smoker. It will protect you from the elements so it can be used almost year around depending on where you live. 

Add a cooler of drinks, some music, and seating and you’ve got yourself a party!

Outdoor kitchens and living rooms are becoming increasingly more affordable and easy to install. With all of the positives that come with the addition of these spaces there no reason to not consider adding an outdoor living space to your yard.

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