Anytime you’re going for a refresh of a room; remember it’s not finished until you add some small detailed touches. Adding some flare to a room often includes painting an accent wall or changing furniture pieces. But a room is not really complete without those little details that make a house a home. Generally you’re going for a comfy vibe; even if your style is minimalistic.

So, how do you achieve that polished, homey feel that makes a room more inviting and comfortable? Here are a few suggestions.

Still life details of nordic living room


Mirrors are a big player in giving a room a sophisticated look. I’m not talking about a tiny mirror, but a statement piece. A big mirror with a gorgeous frame not only adds an element of style, but it can effectively double the apparent space in the room and how the natural light reflects inside it. It may just be a trick of the eye, but if the room you’re updating is small, this is a wonderful way to give the feeling of space. 

Some large mirrors are meant to be leaned up against a wall. This works; but you’ll essentially be taking up a bit of floor space with it. A large hanging mirror can give the same effect without lessening the footprint of the room. Even a wall of mirrors can give a cool vibe to a room.

Floor rugs

There is no question that a large floor rug anchors a room. This is especially true if you have hard surface floors. Hardwoods are all the rage these days and for good reason. They are beautiful and long lasting. But, at the same time, they don’t do much to reflect your style. A dramatic rug can do that for you.  Madison Lily rugs are individual works of art that give amazing style to any room. A rug can also help guide to through choosing other accessories like throw pillows and blankets. You’ll want to choose a rug that feels food under foot and will hold up to years of traffic. It’s worth the expense to spend a bit more to ensure you’re getting great quality.

Start with neutrals

Synchronizing your color palette is the best way to bring a room together. Even if you’ve chosen a subdued color palette; adding bright and bold pops of accenting colors can give life to your room. Neutral furniture fabrics is a way to ensure the addition of other colors will blend naturally. While bold oranges and reds are great on a sofa; you’ll have fewer accent color choices. If you want those colors integrated into your room’s palette, a cream or tan sofa will accommodate a deep wine color accent wall. If you’re more into cool colors; the neutral sofa will also work with navy  or green walls. Because of the expense, you’ll likely only want to replace big ticket furniture items ever several years. If you go with a neutral fabric color, you’ll be less likely to tire of it in a short time.

Bringing a sense that a room has been thoughtfully designed is as easy as adding those detailed pieces to a room. Don’t stop your design until you’ve added smaller stylish elements. It’s like adding the cherry to the top of a delicious sundae.


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