Living in your home day to day, it’s easy to take for granted the little things that make your house special or unique. Whether you, like us, live in a 120 year old house bursting with history or a newly built home with striking features, there are, hopefully, many things you love about it. No matter what your style, it seems like there’s a push toward adding modern elements that everyone can embrace. There are many ways in which you can make your home more modern. So why not give some of the following ideas a try right now?

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Invest in More Tech

If you want to create a more modern vibe and atmosphere in your home, then you might want to think about upping your technology game. It could be that right now you have a basic television without any exciting channels or services, however you could get yourself outfitted with the latest on-demand packages at a very reasonable price. Watch your favorite show whenever you want, even if it’s a couple of hours later than it aired. You will also have a ton of films at your fingertips, many of which are perfect for family movie nights. 

Upgrade Your Color Schemes

Many times when you move into a new home you just stick with the color schemes that were already on the walls. At the time it just seemed easier to leave the walls as the were and not hassle with painting. It might be time to shake up those shades and inject a little modern aura into your abode. It’s really the quickest and easiest way to give a room new life. Opt for more neutral tones and you will soon be able to add chic accessories to complete the overall look. 

Search for Your Signature Scent

Every sophisticated home needs a signature scent, from lavender to lily of the valley. Head to your local candle store and smell some of the amazing fragrances they have to offer; you are bound to find one to suit your home. You can also use a diffuser and essential oils. Even if you don’t use the oils for any sort of health purposes, they make your house smell divine. I have one in every room.

Perfect Your Patterns

Contrasting, bright patterns are all the rage at the moment, so don’t be afraid to be bold. Choose striking fabrics pillows or throws that really stand out against your furniture. Coordinate them with you wall color, rugs, and window coverings. Remember, modern style can just be removing clutter. Having a few decor items instead of cluttering your surfaces with lots of tchotchkes will make dusting easier and give a clean modern look.

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Create a Calming Space

Having a modern home is all about being able to escape from the hustle and bustle of reality when you need to. There are many ways that you can bring a more calming atmosphere to a special place in your home, from white walls to calming music in your relaxing areas. Discover what makes you feel at ease and you will have a serene place to escape whenever you need a little time out.

If you have a desire to put a modern twist on your home, you should not be afraid to explore your creative flair. There will always be something new and innovative for you to try out, but it’s up to you to choose things that really speak to you personally. Make sure everything remains comfortably practical for your family too. The combination of a modern twist along with the style you already love will make your home your favorite place for years to come.

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