Reflect on this when Choosing a Mirror

Take a minute and think about the necessary things in your necessary room; the bathroom. There are things that every bathroom has. Of course there is a toilet and sink. Some full baths only have a shower stall; big or small. And for those of us who must have a soak after a long day, a tub is a necessary item. One thing that no bathroom is complete without is a mirror. Whether a full or half bath, a mirror is a must.

When going through a bathroom renovation, you don’t just buy the first sink and vanity you find. The same goes for your shower surround and style. You want to be sure you’re getting the best value for the money you will spend. It’s already expensive enough to hire a contractor for the installation. With all of your planning, mirrors can be an afterthought. Some homeowners don’t really reflect on their needs before making a mirror purchase

Everything in the bathroom has a purpose. Here are the ways to make sure the mirror works to properly reflect your taste and image.

Measure The Area

As a rule, a bathroom is the smallest room in a house. You want it to look and feel bigger so that you don’t feel so cramped when entering the room. Plus, bigger is better in terms of style. It’s hard to make a tiny bathroom feel as luxurious as you’d like. Of course, a mirror can help but only if it fits into space. Whether too small or too large, the wrong size mirror will make the entire space look awkward.

Measure the space over your vanity. Be sure to calculate the space between the sink top and lighting (if you have a light bar installed) as well as side to side. When you go to the home improvement store, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Does it come in different finishes? Is it available in different sizes? What is the best way to hang the mirror? These questions will help you determine which mirror will be best for your situation.


A mirror isn’t only about the reflection. Creating a bathroom that is functional as well as stylish can be tricky because you will likely have limited space and clutter can ruin the look. You’ve got to find somewhere to store your beauty products as well as pain relievers and such. The good news is a mirror can help.

You can purchase mirrored cabinets that solves two problems at once. The traditional medicine cabinet has evolved to functional storage cabinets with the needed mirror. This is a great space saver. If you have a pedestal sink that lacks a vanity, the mirrored cabinet is a great solution.

Multitasking now can save you a lot of energy in the future.

Stick To Your Style

People make the mistake of installing a plain, frameless mirror thinking that the reflection is all that matters. I agree with on mirror choices. As you can see, there is everything from baroque to Victorian to Gothic and Art Nouveau style choices. Mirrors, like people, come in all shapes and sizes.

With this in mind, you need to choose a mirror that goes with style of your bathroom. Every bathroom has an underlying theme, and it usually reflects the owner. For example, extroverts may like bright, vivid colors as they are bold and daring. You may be more of an old soul and love the old-school fashion of the 19th and 20th centuries. Our house is a Victorian and our bathroom reflects the style of the day. Antiques are popular but so are post-modern fittings. If your style is more minimalist, a frameless mirror or one with a simple straight frame is a great choice.

Don’t let the trends of the day force your choice of mirror. Instead, go with what you like and what fits the overall theme of the room.

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Opt For High Quality

The style and look of the mirror are only a part of the story. Mirrors are not cheap although some may be cheaply made. Just because a mirror matches your theme perfectly doesn’t mean you just buy it. Make sure it’s solid. Frames should be tight in all of the joints. If it’s a mirror cabinet, the door should open and close tightly. You don’t want flimsy quality. So, what it reflects isn’t necessarily the best indicator.

Deciding on the quality is difficult, which is why is a great source. In short, a company’s reputation is the reflection of trust you can have in their product.

Choose a mirror that reflects your good taste and savvy sense of style as well as your eye for quality and value.


Finally, where you place a mirror is important for many reasons. If you have a window in your bathroom, you want the light to bounce off the surface of the mirror to make the room feel larger. To do this, it’s best to have the mirror angled towards the window or next to the light source. 

Keeping wall colors light and airy also help the room not feel so small. Darker accessories can also reflect off the mirror adding contrast to the light paint color of the walls. 

What does it take to choose the perfect mirror? It takes plenty of research and an understanding of your home and personality.

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