Chicken Wire Bulletin Board- Pretty, Easy, Functional

I had a long wall in my new office space that was desperate for something that would add a nice decorative touch. After a bit of thought, I figured if I’m going to hang something that is basically within arms reach of my office chair, I may as well make it useful as well. I searched some images of office decor and saw several posts showing different types of chicken wire bulletin boards. I commissioned The Mean Man with what I wanted and he went to work.


whicken wire roll (actually it’s labeled “hex netting”)

1×4 board

staple gun



picture hangers

clothes pins

The Mean Man took the 1×4 board and ripped it in half on the table saw. The width of the board isn’t quite 4″ so just measure and divide by two. Next we determined the size I wanted the bulletin board to be. The width of the chicken wire determined the height of the piece. I went with 26.” And for the length, I went with about 37.” We also were driven a bit by where we needed to cut the wire to fit inside the frame.

Mitre the ends of the boards to fit together snugly. 

We routed out the inside of the boards for the frame so there would be a grove to hold the chicken wire and keep it from touching the wall when it’s hung.

Assemble the frame.

We glued everything up and The Mean Man connected the frame together using a staple gun. After sanding and staining, a couple of coats of a matte poly finish were added so the frame can be dusted.

Staple the wire in the inset that was routed. 

Add picture hangers and you’re almost done! The last step was staining a couple of sizes of clothes pins to match the frame.

That’s it! I’ve seen a variation made with an attached board behind the wire. I wanted to be able to see the wall through the wire, though.

I love this project!

Chicken Wire Bulletin Board



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