Coconut Popsicle- Steel City Pops Recipe

Coconut Popsicle Ready to Eat

I love coconut and I love popsicles- so the coconut popsicle is PERFECT for me! If you’ve checked out my ABOUT ME page, you know that my oldest daughter, Ashten lives in Birmingham, Alabama- aka the Steel City. She and her friends discovered a small sweet shop there that specializes in amazing popsicles, yes, a restaurant dedicated to the popsicle: Steel City Pops. These are no ordinary popsicles, however.  They are all natural, gourmet, and delicious. We had the privilege of stopping by their flagship location in Homewood, Alabama two weeks ago where we were delighted to see they shared a couple of their recipes on a sign for all to see. The Mean Man snapped a pic of the recipes and was itching to give them a try once we got home. He got down to popsicle business this weekend.Here’s the recipe and directions.

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