If you’ve lived in your house for a while; it’s easy to lose that feeling of excitement when you first moved in. Our homes become humdrum the longer we live there. But, you can change those feelings by doing just a few things to make your house feel like home again. If there’s something in your home that you don’t like, take steps to change it. These changes can be big or small, but whichever; do things to make your house become a place you’re excited to be again.

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Tidy it up

The least sexy home improvement you can make is to do a deep clean. It’s not a flashy change, but boy, it can make a difference. Start in your kitchen and empty out all of your cabinets. Get rid of all of the dishes you’ve accumulated through the years that you no longer use. Some of those disposable bowls are well past time to toss them! Donate nicer dishes to a local charity. Just because they are past your desire or need for them doesn’t mean another family might benefit from them.

Make your bathroom sparkle. There are several  bathroom upgrades that are easy to do but they all start with cleaning first. Clean out the bathroom vanity cabinet and get it organized. There are so many awesome storage containers that can hold things like bandages, antibiotic creams, and shaving lotions. The same kinds of containers work great in kitchens. Organize your fridge with a few and free up space.

 The perfect temperature

When is blazing hot outside, you want it to be nice and cool on the inside. The same goes for those frosty winter days, you want to feel warm and cozy. You largest monthly home expense besides your mortgage is likely your electricity bill. The appliance that uses the most electricity is generally your HV/AC system. This is why it is vital that you maintain this equipment and have it running at optimal capacity.

Having your HV/AC serviced yearly can save you thousands on emergency AC repair services  in the future. You should definitely consider upgrading your heating and air conditioning to a more energy efficient model as well.  Now, this is a huge expense, but if you plan for it and set up a savings account expressly for this upgrade, you can achieve it.

Adding a smart thermostat is a cheap way to maximize your home’s heating and cooling. You can set your heating and air to a specific temperature for when you’re out of the home at work, then have it adjust to your optimal comfort level half an hour before you get home. That way, you’re not wasting electricity by running your system all day while no one is even at home. This will save money on your utility bill every month. You can take that savings and add it to your “new HV/AC” fund!

Don’t neglect the yard

A beautiful yard is the best way to show home is well-cared for. Clean up landscape beds and trim trees and hedges. Refresh the landscaping with fresh mulch. It’s amazing how clean and new an area can look with fresh mulch. Pull weeds throughout the yard and be sure the lawn is mowed. Don’t neglect using an edger to create crisp cut lines around sidewalks and streets.

Depending on the season, a garden of fresh flowers always make a home look more beautiful. You can simply put flowers into planters and place them around the front of the home. Be sure to water and maintain them so they always look fresh and lovely. Walking up to a home with lovely curb appeal will make you proud that this is your home.

Make your home feel bigger

 No matter how small your home is, you want to make feel more spacious. To accomplish this you want to keep the furniture in your rooms as minimal as possible. If you have huge beds and dressers in small rooms, send them to storage and put smaller furniture in the room. If you currently have huge furniture that’s taking up lots of living space; consider buying smaller pieces.

Get rid of furniture you don’t actually need. Take away bookshelves that can clutter a room and add nice wall shelves. Cramped living spaces can make you feel stressed and will look messy with just a few little items like pairs of shoes or dishes. You’ll feel better about your house if you can make it feel bigger and brighter.

Create comfort

As I mentioned before, it can be expensive trying to keep your home warm in winter months and cool in summer. Many are trying to cut down on those recurring bills by keeping homes warmer in summer and cooler in winter. Since we’re in the middle of the colder months, having soft blankets and throws on hand not only warms you up in a chilly house, but also gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.

You cannot discount the aesthetic appeal of blankets and throws as well. If you have a neutral pallet in your home, blankets, throws, and pillows can completely change the look of a room. Take a chance on bold colors in addition to your more neutral base colors. Deep gem colors can make a room look inviting and rich. Try deep emeralds, garnets, and amethysts to give a luxury feel to your space. It will give your room a new look, plus add that actual warmth on movie nights or just relaxing on winter evenings by the fireplace. Or adding a little extra warmth on summer days when the air conditioner makes a room a little too cool.



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