How much longer are you going to be working from home? Many companies have discovered that the work from home model is a way to increase the bottom line, and thus are making the arrangement permanent. If you’re going to be working from your home office on a more permanent basis, it’s time to create a work space that no longer feels temporary. Creating the perfect home office can help generate a more professional feeling and may just help your productivity in the long run.

If it’s time to move from your dining room table into an actual office, here’s some tips to make your home office inviting and functional.

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Your computer

The choice of a computer is probably one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. In traditional office spaces, desktops are prevalent. If you work for a company that provides your equipment, your hand are tied a bit. But, if you work for yourself and are responsible for purchasing your own equipment, you can be more flexible. Working from a laptop gives the ability to more around your entire home. 

If your worried that the laptop screen isn’t big enough, you can add a second monitor. This will also give you two screens from which to work. An additional monitor gives the feel of a large desktop screen without the large CPU.

A functional desk

One of the most important elements of your home office is your desk. It needs to be big enough for your laptop and monitors, as well as a space to work. It needs to have plenty of storage to meet the needs of your particular job. Do you need to store and access files? Be sure the desk you choose has drawers that will accommodate file folders. Every desk needs a smaller drawer to hold sticky note pads, pens, and paperclips. If you use binders, you’ll need a place to put them. Desks with a hutch can offer space for books and binders. A keyboard tray is important to give you ergonomic access. When typing, your elbows should be bent at a right angel so your hands are not raised when typing. Over time, incorrect typing posture will cause health issues. 

Don’t skimp on style when choosing a desk. Remember, a desk is furniture and should reflect your design aesthetic. Making your office a reflection of who you are will make it easier for you want to be there. Read home office desk reviews before deciding on which desk to buy. Just because a desk is beautiful, it may not check all of the boxes, reviews will help you make the best decision. A chest high desk with a tall chair gives you the opportunity to stand throughout the day as well. Sitting for hours on end has proven to be detrimental to your health. Work from a standing position every few hours is good for you.

The right chair

The only thing more important than a functional desk is the chair that you will occupy while sitting at your desk. Consider your physical health when choosing an office chair. Do you have back problems? Do you need extra lumbar support? How about your knees? If you have any issues health wise, your chair can either exacerbate them or help minimize them. Remember, a leather chair, while beautiful, won’t breath like a cloth chair. If you’re prone to sweating, a leather chair may well be uncomfortable. Durable and breathable fabrics are the best choice. Chairs that include arms are better for you as well. Supporting your body as you stand up from a seated position is a good idea. If you choose a taller desk, get a ergonomic drafting chair to go with it. Be sure the chair has a foot rest so your legs have plenty of support while sitting.


Soft light can add a nice ambience to your home office. Don’t go with harsh florescent lights to light your space. Choosing a room with at least one window is a great idea. Natural light has several health benefits and can offer sufficient light to work. Your computer monitors can cause eye fatigue, don’t choose lighting that makes it worse. Choosing appropriate lighting can help prevent headaches and eye strain from struggling to see your work.


Your office space may be an extension of your home, but it needs to feel like a work space. That being said, there is nothing wrong with your workspace being as comfortable as possible. Add a nice comfortable chair to a corner of the room and use it when you take breaks from work. Don’t get caught up in the trap where you work without stopping. Taking a break here and there will help increase productivity over all. There no reason your home office can’t be among the most comfortable places in your home and still be the place where you get down to business.

Creating the perfect home office should be your goal as your transition from traveling to your place of employment to staying home for work. A few choices can make your home office a productive and pleasant part of your home.

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