Once you have chosen a new home and had a contract accepted you are ready to prepare for your move. Taking your time to actually prepare for a move will make the process much less stressful. Don’t wait until you only have days to go before you start thinking about how you’ll execute the move. If at all possible, try to delay actual move in day for a few days after you close. That way, you won’t feel so hard pressed to do everything all at once.

Use professional movers

Unless you’re moving from a small apartment and have only a few large pieces to move, you will want to hire professional movers. Scheduling a date for the move to happen can be difficult so be sure you schedule it as soon as you know your close date. You’ll need to decide if you want a moving company that actually packs your goods as well as loading and unloading. To save some money, you can pack all of your belongings yourself and just have them loaded onto a truck with your furniture. 

When packing for your move, be sure you use plenty of packing material to protect your most delicate items. Clearly mark your boxes as to what they hold and also include what rooms the boxes should go in. This will save time and keep you from having to search the entire house for the items needed in a specific room. You don’t want to have to search for kitchen dishes that may end up in an upstairs bedroom. 

Having an empty house to work with

If possible, make it to where the movers arrive with your goods home a few days after you close.  This will give you the opportunity to really scope out your new home without obstacles. If it’s a preowned home, you can decide any changes or home renovation potential without already being filled with your belongings. If you already know you want change the paint colors, having a couple of days of the house being empty will allow you have professionals come in and paint. You won’t have time for major renovations, but you can get a few important things done.

Find problem areas

If you can wait to have your belongings delivered a few days after you close, you’ll have a great opportunity to check for damage. Some sellers will cover things like wall cracks or water stains under artwork. It’s an unethical practice but it happens. Having a few days to repair small items before your items arrive will be helpful. You’ll also have an opportunity to have the home professionally cleaned without having your belongings hinder the cleaners progress. Some people may want to change out toilet seats if you bought a preowned home. What better time than before you actually fully move in?

Waiting to fully move into your new home takes patience but think of it as delayed gratification. You’ll be much less stressed about things that need to be addressed while your new home is empty. Then when your items arrive, you’ll be able to start putting everything in it’s place immediately. You just might be happier in the long run.


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