Let’s face it; it’s easy to get a case of wanderlust from time to time. Committing to a mortgage is such a long term proposition that along the way, you may want to pack it up and head to new digs. But before you let what might be temporary malaise cause you to change your address; try changing your outlook instead.

Take a look at the following ideas to help you fall back in love with where you live.

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Take a refresher course

If your interior décor hasn’t changed in more than four years; it’s time for a refresh. Open up those idea apps and see what’s trending these days. Has your life undergone big changes? Have you and your partner become empty nesters? If so, a complete do-over may be due.

You don’t necessarily have to embark on a full-scale renovation to  upgrade your home. A simple change of style direction can do the trick. Try a more minimalist approach to your interior. If the kids are now gone, your don’t necessarily need all of the storage cubbies and bookshelves in every room. Try furniture that still comfy, but that has a smaller footprint. You can likely get by with fewer pieces. This means you can really splurge on what you get. Grab the fabulous comfy chairs you’ve always wanted! Donate what you don’t need and store the rest. You’ll feel like you’re in a brand new home!

Open your home for fun

If you’ve never felt comfortable using your home as one of the gathering spots for when your friends get together; stretch yourself. Plan one nigh a month for a game night. Invite your usual group of friends over for light snacks and fun group activities. There are so many fun party ideas that can be fun for grown ups; you’re sure to find a winner.

Choose a theme for the night and build around it. You can do a sundae bar that includes different ice creams and toppings. There are even indoor tabletop smores bars that could be fun. You don’t have to be extravagant, you just have to make your friends feel welcome and comfortable. That’s it.

Explore your area like it’s brand new

It’s easy to fall into a rut with where you live. But what if you approached it with fresh eyes? Exploring your town, or the area around it, like a tourist might do, might help you discover new things to love. When was the last time you went to a local museum? How about the local zoo? There may be parks and paths you’ve yet to explore. 

If you’re like me an live in a tiny rural town; you may need to venture to the next larger town. While you’re there maybe you can visit their best downtown restaurants and shopping. Having proximity to quaint shopping and dining is something so many people would love. Maybe you’re taking it for granted.

Spruce up your outdoor spaces

It’s possible you’ve forgotten how awesome it can be to hang out in your own backyard. That may be because it’s not really all that appealing. If that’s the case, make some changes. Adding a nice outdoor living space like a paved patio is not all that labor intensive or expensive. But it can give a nice spot for some patio furniture and a nice big umbrella for added shade. Add several large potted plants and flowers and you’ll have a great oasis to escape to to relax and unwind.

It’s nice to have a place that is separate from your home to step away from it all. And there are many health benefits that come with spending time outdoors, including benefits for your mental health, better sleep, and improving your overall attitude. 

Remember why chose your neighborhood

If you’ve been thinking the grass is greener in another neighborhood or town; remember why you chose where you live. Yes, places change, but it’s up to you to keep your neighborhood vibrant and relevant to you. If new neighbors have moved in; make a point to welcome them. Continue to build relationships with old and new friends.

Don’t give up on things; make things better if necessary. Organize groups to beautify things. Run for city council. If there are problems, don’t complain, try to make changes. Remember all the reasons you loved your where you live at the beginning. Try some of these suggestions to keep that love alive.


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