Ah, the hot days of summer have arrived, and with them come the annoying itch of  mosquitoes bites, the frequent invasion of ants to your backyard picnics, and the dodging of  wasps and yellow jackets as you sit on the front porch with a grown-up beverage in hand. (On a separate note, look how fun these kid-friendly beverages are – perfect for your kiddos those warm summer evenings).

Remember when I told you to not pull your hair out over home repairs? Well, that goes for finding pest management solutions too. If you’re finding mouse droppings, noticing an influx of spiders running across your kitchen floors, or have found wasp or hornet nests on your property, it’s the perfect time to remedy the situation!

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The Telltale Signs

Don’t put off taking care of pest problems. If you suspect you have critters invading your home, the problem will not take care of itself. Here are four indications that you may need to contact a pest control company like Aptive Environmental to handle eradicating your property of uninvited guests::

  1. Pest droppings- this is an obvious indication. If you are seeing pest droppings such as mice feces, you’ve got a pest problem. On the other hand, not all pest dropping are so easy to spot with the naked eye; think about how tiny some bugs are! A professional pest control company has experts who can identify various forms of droppings and other indications of pests in the home.
  2. Shredded papers, leaves, or torn insulation. The first indication that you may have a rodent problem may be the sound of scratchy little feet running across the floor or roof. But another sure indication is finding the shredded materials mentioned, formed into a little cozy-looking nest the perfect size for a rodent. This is a sure sign you have a pest problem that needs to be dealt with.
  3. Damage to structures. Spotting wood damage may be a bit difficult to detect. Periodically closely inspect wood decks, wood siding, and porches for soft spots. Look for “sawdust” where pests can be chewing the wood and leaving bits of wood debris. Termites can cost thousands in damage. A costly and possibly dangerous consequence of pests is damage to wiring around your house. Squirrels, mice, and raccoons can wreak havoc on your electrical systems if they can get to them. You don’t want to lose access to your WiFi because a pest has chewed it into!  Any you especially don’t want the electrical wiring of your home to be compromised by little teeth.  
  4. Funky smells. If you notice a scent like rotting, moldy, or even acrid scents, a pest infestation may be the culprit. You know your home and can tell if a smell is normal or not. Lots of things can go on inside the walls of your home. If you smell something amiss, it’s time for a professional to intervene. 
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Don’t Hesitate to Call a Professional

Ideally, it’s advisable to deal with pest issues before it becomes an even bigger problem by contacting your local pest control services. If you notice any of the above signs, call a professional. 

Getting your home checked seasonally, or every other month when everything seems totally fine can absolutely reduce the chance of a pest infestation later. This goes a long way in easing anxiety and fear of  home damage and the worry of financial impact pests can cause. We’ve all heard those horrifying stories of termites, ant infestations, and other creatures wreaking havoc. If you live in the metroplex area make sure to contact a reliable pest control company in Dallas by reading reviews, and asking for referrals.  The best recommendation is always by word of mouth, so check with neighbors or family members to see if they can recommend a company that is trustworthy.


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