Is your dream making your home feel more refined and elegant? Most believe luxury touches are out of reach. If you shop smart, you can add high end looking touches to your home a price that won’t break the bank. You may need to consider small touches at first. Upgraded flooring, quartz countertops, and beautiful finishes are where most people start. Let’s talk about some ideas that you can try to make your home feel more like your castle.


Adding hardwood floors to your home can cost thousands of dollars. Did you know you can replicate the look of real hardwood floors with peel and stick tile? It’s true. If you have a concrete foundation, you can replace your carpet with wood look tile. The great thing about peel and stick wood tiles is their durability. If you have dogs, your hard woods are likely to scratch, and not a little. Peel and stick tile is much more durable and scratch resistant. They come in a variety of wood looks and it’s almost impossible to tell the difference from true hard woods.

Don’t discount the idea of the wood look peel and stick tile. I honestly liked the peel and stick I had in my former house over the hard woods I have today.

A hot tub

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a hot tub? It’s a luxury many want, but few purchase. In today’s economy, spending over $5k on a luxury item is out of reach. But there is a great alternative. You can purchase an inflatable hot tub for just a few hundred dollars. These economic alternatives can be dressed up by staging the area with decor touches. Try surrounding your hot tub with pretty teak shelving that can hold great smelling candles. Plush bathrobes made of Turkish cotton, and fluffy towels will surround you in soft comfort. Add all weather blue tooth speakers to listen to music while you relax in luxury.


Cigars have long been a symbol of wealth. Some cigar enthusiasts will claim that you can’t buy a truly decent cigar for less than $40, but that’s definitely not the case – there are great cigars out there for much less. Using a cigar humidor, you can keep your cigars in great condition for when you want to light them. These don’t have to cost a lot of money either.

Bar cart

Most of us don’t have the room or the money to install an expensive bar in our homes. But you can purchase a great bar cart for less than $500. Most bar carts are made of some sort of decorative metal, are portable, and have two glass shelves. Discount stores always have an assortment of barware like martini glasses, shakers, and ice containers. Set your cart up with your bottles on the bottom and glasses and setups on the top shelf. This creates an elegant accessory that give the feeling of opulence.

Wall art

Beautiful paintings give a room a feeling of sophistication. Don’t overlook a piece because you think it’s too big. A large piece of wall art can make a dramatic statement in a room. Shopping at discount stores will give you the best chance at purchasing a great piece of art at an equally great price. Shop vendor malls, garage sales, and thrift stores also. You’d be surprised at what hidden treasures you can find.

Adding the feel of luxury to your home is possible. Again, start with some small items and work your way up. You’ll be feeling like royalty in no time!


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