Home security should be a priority for every homeowner. The things that are most valuable to you reside within the walls of your home and protecting them means everything. Unfortunately, burglaries occur all too often, and taking the necessary steps to ensure your home is as secure as possible is essential. Fortunately, there are many simple tips to increase home safety, such as using motion-sensor lights, installing deadbolts, and installing an alarm system. By implementing these tips, you can help ensure your home is as safe and secure as possible. You can help protect your family and give yourself peace of mind with those few simple steps.

Security cameras

Installing security cameras is one of the best ways to increase home security. Security cameras are a great way to deter burglars and provide peace of mind. With the latest technology, you can now access your security cameras from anywhere in the world and monitor your home from the comfort of your own phone or computer. Security cameras come in various shapes and sizes, so research is essential to find the best option for your home. 

There are also other options to consider when it comes to security cameras. Most cameras come with motion sensors so you can know in real time if someone breaches your property. You can set cameras to only start recording when it senses motion. This is a great way to increase battery life on battery powered cameras. Cameras come in small sizes and can be hidden and remain unseen.

Another great option is to install video doorbells. Video doorbells can be used to monitor who comes to your door and even remotely unlock your door. Video doorbells are a great way to keep your home safe and secure. They can also be used to deter potential burglars. Many come with an intercom option that allows you to actually speak to whoever is standing at your door. This is an amazing deterrent.

Secure fencing and gates

Another great way to increase home security is to install secure fencing and gates. Secure fencing and gates gives an added layer of protection between your home and a potential intruder. This is also a great way to keep your pets an children safe when they are playing outside. Check with your city or HOA for ordinances or rules governing fence height and materials allowed. Some cities require extra approval to fence the entire perimeter of your home. 

Custom gates like the ones Tulsa Home Guard specialize in offer beauty plus ease of entry. I can testify to the convenience of having an automated driveway gate. It makes getting into our secured yard a breeze.

Exterior doors should be deadbolted

It seems like a no-brainer, but all exterior doors should be secured with a deadbolt. Deadbolts are an essential part of home security. They provide an extra layer of protection on your doors, making it much more difficult for potential burglars to access your home. The newest deadbolts come with either a keyed entry a keypad to unlock. The convenience of the keypad is that you can enter temporary codes for house or pet sitters to use when you are out of town. Then you can simply clear the code and re-secure the deadbolt to your original code.

External lighting

Installing external lighting is another excellent way to increase home security. The one things most intruders look for is privacy. If you have lots of exterior light, it’s impossible for someone to be hidden. Motion sensor lighting is perfect for exterior lighting. Line pathways with lights that will illuminate the path as you approach. Put these lights all around your home. 

Add motion sensor flood lights up high and have them point down to illuminate large areas. Set them to stay on for several minutes once motion is detected. This can be a great way to deter potential intruders and protect your home.


Implementing the tips outlined above can help ensure your home is as safe and secure as possible. You can help protect your family and give yourself peace of mind with a few simple steps.


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