The past year had us living life in a way we could never have imagined. Between lockdowns, closures, and many having to change from working remotely to working from home, it’s been stressful to say the least. Our homes have become less like a haven and more like an inescapable building. Now that things are starting to normalize, it’s time to make some changes in your home.

Things to address

You may have noticed that you need to make your living spaces more aesthetically pleasing. It’s possible that needed home repairs became more glaring. It’s possible that you have addressed some home repairs over the past several months and your home has hopefully become more conducive to getting back to normal. In Texas we haven’t experienced what many in the country have had to deal with. We’ve not been locked down and in the past few months all restrictions have been removed statewide and the virus is steadily declining. Hopefully you’re to the place where backyard barbecues are on the horizon.

If you’ve mostly contemplated making needed changes; you can start small.

Consider some renovations

It may be the right time to think about tackling those needed renovations. Are you feeling cramped in your living spaces? It’s possible that adding an expansion is in order. This doesn’t have to be major construction. You can extend your living space to outside by adding a patio. An area filled with gravel and big paving stones, some great patio furniture, and some kind of canopy can become a great living space outside.

Upgrading your kitchen or bathroom can give the entire house the feeling of newness. A bathroom reno can be as easy as adding new light fixtures and faucets. Changing cabinets can be as easy as adding a new paint color and door and drawer pulls.

Kitchen remodeling can be a bit bigger renovation than you can take on yourself. You can definitely paint cabinets, but changing counter tops and backsplashes may be best left to professionals. Simply cleaning everything really well then adding some fresh new décor can give you the feeling of a new space. Flowers in vases, pretty coffee cups on a two tier stand, or cute signs will bring life to your kitchen.

Cleaning and decluttering

If you have been forced to spend endless days and months inside your home, your motivation to keep everything clean and clutter free may have waned. It’s time to perk yourself up by getting things back to how you normally have them.

If you are heading back to work it’s time to get organized. Get that laundry folded and off of the couch. Put all of that footwear into the closet. Think about decluttering areas that have suffered a build up over the past few months. Add some storage containers to hold living room blankets and pillows. If things have somehow deposited themselves into your living spaces that really should be elsewhere; get them out. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and a bit of freedom from things that you know are out of place. 

It’s a great time to deep clean. Get down to the baseboards and clean the floors. Throw away empty container that may be sitting of a shelf. Look for cobwebs and brush them away. In other words, tackle the most hated jobs.

It’s time to buck up

Being proactive about your home will give you a boost to your well being. It’s easier to feel fresh when your home isn’t mocking you with all of the tasks than need to be addressed. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Make a list and give yourself a reasonable timeline to get things done. You shouldn’t trade one stress for another. Better days are ahead and it’s time to make changes in our homes get ready for them.

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