It’s clear the least sexy part of home ownership is maintenance and repairs. It may not be sexy but it’s the most important part of owning a home. The upkeep of your home is essential; whether your home is a year old or 100 years old. Upkeep includes more tasks than caulking windows. It can be fun things too; like taking time to freshen up your home for spring or getting your yard into entertainment ready shape and adding color to your landscaping.

Don’t put off the chores that keep your home in tip top shape.

Workman screwing window frame during housework
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Stop damage in its tracks

If there are issues you have been trying to ignore, you’re only creating a larger job down the road. If you have leaking window seals an easy caulk job can turn into drywall repair. A toilet that is constantly running is not just annoying. It’s going to show up on your water bills. An easy few dollar fix will cost you way more if you continue to ignore it. Jiggling the handle is not a repair. If you feel unqualified to make a repair, call a professional company like Dial One Johnson Plumbing to knock out jobs that are too large for you to handle. You can ensure the job is completed properly and will ultimately save money in the long run.

Inspect things every few months

To be sure there is not damage happening you are not aware of, you should conduct inspections each season. This will be sure you will catch small issues that could possibly escalate. Check things like widows, doors, and your roofline. Be sure gutters are flowing properly. Keep debris away from your home’s foundation. Have your HVAC systems serviced at the beginning of winter and again at the beginning of summer. You want the units to be operating at maximum capacity. This will ensure the comfort of your home as will as its efficiency.

Spring is a great time for maintenance

Spring is a great time to do major maintenance projects. If you have exterior paint that has begun to peel, the weather has improved enough to tackle the issues. Choose the worst areas and refresh the paint. Replace rotted wooden porches and decks. Re-stain and seal fences to extend the life.

That is also the time to put down fertilizer and weeding  sprays on the lawn. If you want a lush lawn in summer, you have to prepare in spring. To knock out annoying an harmful weeds; it’s time to get it done.

Protect your investment

Your home is likely your biggest investment; protect it as such. Keeping your home in its best shape helps keep your investment safe and your family as well. You want your home to be a haven for all who live there. Being sure there are no safety hazards is a given when a home is maintained properly. This is another reason why home maintenance is so important and should be among the most important priorities you consider.

Increasing the safety of your home


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