Making a home move can create a large amount of angst. Even if you are excited to be relocating, stress is just a part of such a huge life change. The key is finding a way to manage that stress. By taking the correct steps and having an excellent plan, it is possible to make moving day a good day! You actually can manage your stress during a move.

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Start with with decluttering your home weeks before you need to pack. Get rid of any items you truly don’t need. It’s a great time for a yard sale to raise money to help defray the cost of the move. As a part of your packing plan, you’ll need to decide if you can afford to hire help. Professional movers make sure everything is safely packed to be sure they’ll make the trip in tact. Moving firms like  Allied Van Lines will do that hard work for you, and they will provide the boxes and packing materials too.

You may want to just use the professionals for loading and transport and pack your items yourself. Most home improvement stores have all of the packing supplies you could need. Buy boxes in multiple sizes to accommodate various items. There are specific boxes for drinking glasses, for instance. Some are better for plates and bigger dishes.  A variety of sizes will cut down on the stress of trying to fit items into the wrong size boxes.

You can also pick up packing accessories at the same time. You’ll need lots of packing tape to put the boxes together and to seal them when full. Bubble wrap is not just for popping! Use it on all of your fragile items. There is packing foam that goes between your plates, and packing paper to fill the gaps. Get a bold marker to be able to clearly label all of your boxes so they can go to the correct rooms in your new home.


Most of the time, you will still be having to work your daily job as you prepare to move. Between your children’s activities, cooking meals, and usual day to day, you really do need to schedule your move timeline. Create a moving checklist to keep yourself on track. Schedule time each day to do a few things on the list. If you’ll work over the course of weeks and not days, you’ll take much of the pressure off.

Enlist the help of your family. Don’t feel badly about having your kids help organize their rooms. Even young children can help. Friends can be a great help as well. Just be careful about who you allow in your home. Be sure they are trustworthy as they are packing up your belongings, many of which are irreplaceable.

 Happy Moving Day!

We’ve just explored a few of the stresses that come with the physical part of a move. Of course you’ll need to work on scheduling utilities to be disconnected and reconnected, change of address, and more but this is a good start. Hopefully these tips will help you manage your stress during a move.



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