Instead of Making Resolutions, I’m Setting Goals

Each new year it’s easy to get caught up in making resolutions. This year, I’ve decided that it’s not resolutions but goals that I’m making. I find that for me, I’ll make a resolution, follow it for a while, then let it go by the wayside and feel guilty about it. 

What is a resolution, really? Well according to there are several meanings. For my purposes I think there are two that truly stand out. First, the act of resolving or determining upon a course of action. Secondly, a “resolve”  a decision or determination. 

The Usuals

I’m guilty making the usual resolutions. You know the ones; “I resolve to lose weight.” “I resolve to get in shape” (I’ve made this one a LOT. I usually wind up just staying a shape- mostly the shape of a person who is not in shape! We resolve to eat healthy or to learn a new skill. Some resolve to quit smoking, while others just want to try to spend more time with family.

After the loss of our son-in-law four years ago, I resolved to be more present. So many people came through for us during that incredibly difficult time. It reminded me that I had a long way to go to be that type of person. I tend to sort of be a more solitary person. At the risk of sounding like Alan from The Hangover- I considered myself a bit of a lone wolf. But when we were faced with unimaginable tragedy, we had people, without being asked, who brought food, sent care packages, and cards among other gestures. The Deputy Executive Director of my place of employment offered to come from Dallas down to MD Anderson in Houston to just sit with me when I felt so lost and terrified. This is a resolution that I’m constantly reminded of when I feel like I don’t really want to donate my time to something. I do it. I accept the invitation, I participate in something I may not really feel like doing. There is a realization that these things matter. The resolution stuck in other words. 

So What’s the Goal?

When reflecting on what I hope for 2018, I decided that resolving something wasn’t really what I desired. I’ve been considering where we are in life, and where I truly want to be. For me, it’s almost like a birthday wish whose end goal I don’t want to disclose for fear that it might not come true. But, I can say, the main goal for The Mean Man and myself is to work hard to lessen our debt. Now THAT is a goal worth reaching. There is a freedom that comes with not being a prisoner to your debt and you sometimes have to be willing to let go of some things to achieve this. Living a little more simply sounds wonderful. 

I hope you’ll stick with us on this journey. We will hopefully have some exciting things to share along the way; more home improvement projects, more crafts, and believe it or not, more recipes. I also hope you will come up with some reachable goals and can stay the course to make them happen. 

I’m mostly so thankful for each of you who support me and encourage me on a daily basis. The death of our son-in-law is what precipitated this blog. I was a person who took things for granted and who, quite frankly wasn’t willing to try new things. That changed with his death. I hope you’ll find inspiration here instead of having to live through tragedy to discover that there is so much satisfaction in creating awesome things. Heck, the satisfaction truly comes at just TRYING new things. Take a chance, try something new, do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Be fearless!! And have a most wonderful new year.

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