Cooler weather does not mean you can no longer use your outdoor entertainment areas. Outdoor areas can be utilized almost year around. Depending on the climate where you live, you may need to make some adjustments to get full use of the space during the colder months. And yes, I understand that some of you live where there is several inches of snow on the ground for a few months out of the year. These tips will help everyone make the best of your outdoor living spaces for when the weather is colder (but not freezing).

Fire pits and chimeneas

A fire pit is more than for making smores! It’s a great source of heat for outdoor get togethers. There is nothing cozier than gathering with friends or family around a blazing fire pit. It’s a great place to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and chat with friends. Some fire pits come with a wide border that can fit your cups and even small plates. So break out the hot dogs and roast a marshmallow or two. You could even add some pecan pie whiskey to that hot chocolate to warm you up on the inside.

If a fire pit is not really your scene, you can buy a chimenea from many different hardware stores or online. A chimenea is wood burning like a fire pit, but it’s not as open. As the name implies, there is a chimney that is attached. Most chimeneas are made of clay but many are now made of metal as well. Just be aware that the entire surface gets hot so be sure children understand they need to stay back and not touch the surface. Also be sure to place it on a non- combustible surface as embers from the burning wood may escape to the ground.


Sufficient lighting is a must when it comes to outdoor entertaining no matter the season. Strands of Edison lights around your pergola or pavilion can give great ambiance and plenty of light after the sun goes down. Incorporating twinkle lights in your trees gives off a magical glow around your yard. If you don’t have electrical plugs near your entertainment areas, hiring an electrician to bring a plug to the area is not as expensive as you might think. It’s a worthwhile investment not only so you can light up the area, but add other electronics. Watching TV outside after dark is a favorite past time of mine. Getting comfy on the outdoor furniture and curling up with a warm blanket is a perfect night.

Pavers or stamped concrete patio

If you haven’t created an outdoor living area, there’s still time to get it done before the winter comes. The most frequent options include pavers and stamped concrete as your base. Either can be used to create a gorgeous area for your pergola and patio furniture.

Outdoor rugs are great, but they do wear out in the weather. You’ll likely need to replace them every couple of years. Stamped concrete can be tinted to add a splash of color to the design. This is the perfect accent for your outdoor space. Pavers act quite the same as they can be arranged in pretty patterns that add visual interest to the area.

Don’t forget about your outdoor living areas in cooler months. Wonderful memories can be made having fun outdoors any time of the year.

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