Entertaining and relaxing in outdoor spaces is a big trend these days. Creating an environment for relaxing and entertaining in the backyard adds value to you home and your life. Even the smallest of yards can be transformed into an oasis with a few additions. Adding outdoor living spaces can also help make your home easier to market when it’s time to sell. Try one or more of these ideas to create an outdoor paradise. 

Water feature

A fountain doesn’t have to be big and austere. Even a smaller fountain that features cascading water can help with a Zen feeling aiding in relaxation. There is something so peaceful about the sound of running water. It’s almost as though troubles drift away with the running stream. Whether wall mounted or on the ground, a water feature can help complete any outdoor living space.

Entertainment spaces

There’s nothing as fun as having friends over. Everyone loves to party outdoors. It feels less claustrophobic than spending time in the house plus it gives space for corn hole tournaments, horseshoes, and other outdoor games. An outdoor living space is a perfect spot for the grill or smoker. It will protect you from the elements so it can be used almost year around depending on where you live.

Add a cooler of drinks, some music, and seating and you’ve got yourself a party!

Adding a pool

If your budget can allow it; adding a pool can give your family years of enjoyment. This is a big expense. If you’re planning on selling your home within a couple of years of purchase, a pool isn’t the best investment you can make. However, if you’re planning on living in your home for years to come, I wholeheartedly recommend installing one.

There are many options when considering a backyard pool. A pool design company is the place to start if you’re considering installing an in ground pool. There are lots of finishes from which to choose. Gunite is what most people think of when they consider inground pool finishes. But, vining lined inground pools are becoming more and more popular. They tend to be a bit less expensive and a better choice budget wise. 

Adding an above ground pool is also a great option. They have improved over the years and offer sturdy long lasting designs for a fraction of the cost of an inground pool. Adding a fantastic wood deck rounds out a great place to hang out and soak up the sun.

Wellness areas

As we’re becoming a more healthy society, adding a wellness area to your outdoor spaces is a great idea. Having a nice level shady area available for yoga is ideal. This area can include a bubbling spa for those after exercise soaks or even adding other muscle relaxation equipment like saunas could make your area an oasis. 

Making the most of every area of your property just makes sense. Having friends and family around you is good for your soul. It’s important to have great spaces to gather to make the most of your home.

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