Plate Ledge Shelf Tutorial

Hanging the shelf

The shelf is pretty heavy and will likely have some heavy stuff on it, so be sure it’s secure on the wall. We used long wood screws to screw into the studs on our wall. First, find your studs and mark the wall. Transfer those measurements to your shelf. To prevent splintering, pre-drill the holes and start the screws to make it easier to hold the shelf while securing to wall.

Don’t worry about your screws being perfectly spaced. The important thing is that they are in studs. They won’t be seen since your plates will be in front of them. The Mean Man started with the center screw so we could then step back and adjust the sides to get it level.

We hung two shelves so we started with the lower shelf. After getting our spacing we hung the top shelf. Carefully add your plates or whatever pictures or framed prints you have in mind for the space.


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