Of all of the things we need to be concerned about; in Texas, earthquakes are pretty low on the list. But if you live in an earthquake active part of the world, they pose a serious threat. In all facets of building construction, consideration must be given to the fact that the structure may be affected by this natural disaster. But it goes further than that. If you live in an earthquake active area, you need to set your home up to withstand an earthquake with the least amount of damage.

Because earthquakes happen without warning; you need to just live a lifestyle that is prepared to face one on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean living in fear, it just means to take measures of preparedness. Having a house that is built to withstand an earthquake with the least amount of damage will help you make your home a contender in the event you need to sell.

Keep large or heavy items close to the floor

When setting up you living spaces, be cognizant of where you place heavier items. For instance; you may not want to place heavy statuary or decorative items on higher shelves. Your shelving may be super secure and screwed into studs in the wall, but when shaking occurs; you don’t want to be under a heavy objects that could topple down. This is among the easiest things you can do.

Perhaps keep seating furniture underneath wall shelving to a minimum. This is not a bad idea in general. A slammed door can also rock things off of shelves. Keep seating areas clear of the dangers of falling objects.

Fasten tall furniture to the walls

Having tall shelving or television stands can be a hazard all the time and not just in the event of an earthquake. Children tend to climb on tall items in the home and they can be badly injured or even killed if these items fall on them. Most furniture that has height generally come with straps that will attach to the wall. This will keep the furniture secure in the even of an earthquake or tiny people hanging from them.

Seek knowledgeable builders

If you’re thinking of building a home in areas that are earthquake prone; be sure your builder understands how to engineer homes to withstand an earthquake. Builders like Anton Kalafati are equipped to create a structure that will give you the best outcome in the event of a disaster. If your current home is older than 25 years, you may want to have it evaluated. A knowledgeable builder or engineer can check your home for weaknesses. Having gas lines checked for placement and strength can prevent further damage to your home from ruptured lines. 

Create a disaster plan

If you live in a quake prone area, it’s vital that you create a disaster plan for your family. Talk about what you need to do to stay safe in the event of  an earthquake. Where is the safest place to be? Create a rendezvous point if your family isn’t all in one place when an earthquake happens. Plan for the worse case scenario just in case. Hopefully if you ever have to live through an earthquake, this plan will help keep you and your family safe.

Purchase earthquake insurance

If you live in an earthquake zone it may be mandated that you carry earthquake insurance on your home. Even if there is no mandate, earthquake insurance may be one of the best purchases you make for your home. Even small earthquakes and tremors can cause extensive damage to drywall, foundations, and structures. The cost of the insurance will be far less than the cost of repairs.  



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