If a house move can be stressful for parents to organize and manage, you can bet children will pick up on that energy and feel it themselves. Moreover, children haven’t had the kind of life experience that tells them everything will work out. They also may not be familiar with a house outside of the one they’ve grown up in. As such, seeing everything packed into boxes, being told of a long trip to a brand new home, and not really knowing what their new bedroom or school will look like can be worrying.

There is nothing more important, as a parent, than the well-being of your child. So through your own stress and anxiety; it’s paramount that you find ways to reassure your child that everything is going to be fine. Let’s explore some ways you can give your child the re-assurance they may need during the process of a big move.

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Visit the new house, neighborhood, and school

Giving your child the fullest picture of what their new life may look like is key. This includes visiting the home that you have purchased before your close. Let your child feel a part of the process. Talk about which bedroom may be theirs. Discuss about where you might eat breakfast and dinner each day. Build excitement around the yard and all the possibilities of the adventures that may be had there. 

Get them registered at the neighborhood school. Be sure to take them with you when you do this. Have an administrator give the family a tour of the building and grounds. Let your child ask questions if they have them. It’s important for them feel like they have agency to inquire about what’s important to them.

Drive around the neighborhood and show your child any amenities that are available like swimming pools and playgrounds. Hit up the area on the weekend when school is out so they can see what children their age may be nearby.

Include them on the plans

Depending on the age of your children, they may or may not understand moving plans. If they are old enough, let them in on the process. When they are a part of the process, things are less scary. Allow them to help with putting boxes together. Give them tasks that they can accomplish. Have them pack their toys that are unbreakable; like stuffies. Talk to them about how they can arrange their new bedrooms.

Tell them the name of the moving company who will be loading and trucking your belongings. Think about solid companies like North American Van Lines to handle your move. You definitely want a company that has a proven track record and not just hire the cheapest company. Remember; they are moving all of your most valuable assets.

Keep to a schedule

Scheduling your move to ensure there is plenty of time to accomplish all of the necessary tasks will help keep your stress level low. This will, in turn, help calm your child. Remember they pick up on all of your signals. If you exude calm and confidence that the move is going to be a success; they will feel this assurance. Even if you’re falling to pieces on the inside; keeping cool on the outside and following these tips; your kids will find a big move can be a fun adventure.

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