Have you had any extreme weather in your area in the past several months? Many of us deal with tornados and high winds year around, while others contend with hurricanes and blizzards. All of these weather events along with age can spell damage for your roof. Pay attention to signs of roof damage.

Missing shingles are fairly easy to spot depending on the pitch of your roof.  But things like loose or missing flashing around chimneys or valleys can be harder to spot. Damage isn’t always apparent and can start so small you may not notice.  By the time you spot damage, there can already be extensive damage. If your neighbors are having their roofs repaired or replaced take that as a warning for your home. The best option for homeowners is to book an appointment with roofing contractors to have your roof checked out. Be sure to do research on the contractor your choose. Check for how long they’ve been in business and find reviews to be sure they are reputable.

Photo of roof while raining
Photo by Adrien Olichon on Pexels

Gutter Issues

Gutters are such an important addition to your home. Having a way to carry the water away from your roof is imperative. At the same time, when a gutter leaks, it may be blocked from debris – this should be cleared as soon as possible. A gutter clogged with debris can cause significant damage. It’s easy for rainwater to fill a clogged gutter and wash up under your shingles. This will start a damaging chain of events. Water will then run along roof joists until a low point is found and then, water will start dripping and running on the ceiling and walls. Gutter maintenance is a must to prevent this catastrophe.


A tell-tale sign you have a leaky roof is discoloration on ceilings or walls. Think of it as a giant water ring that seeps through the drywall. Over time water stains will appear as a big brownish circular stain. Taking care of leaks early can save a lot of time and money having to replace damaged drywall on ceilings and walls. We experienced this when we bought our 1901 Victorian. A roof leak destroyed the downstairs bathroom walls and was a nightmare to replace. We had to remove everything all the way to the lap siding on the house. It was a big job to fix.


In addition to water stains on ceilings and walls, mold is always a possibility when there are continuous damp conditions. Mold can be dangerous to the inhabitants of your home. Studies show certain molds can cause illnesses that can cause permanent damage to your health. Repairing roof leaks early will help to prevent potentially dangerous mold to form.

Don’t Delay

When bad weather hits, pay attention signs of roof damage. If your quick visual inspection doesn’t see any obvious damage, it’s still a good idea to have it checked. If damage is found, don’t delay getting repairs. You don’t want to have more repairs in addition to the roof repairs. If you ignore roof damage, you are guaranteed to increase the cost of repairs due to water damage. Many times your homeowner’s insurance will pay for replacement of your roof with little out of pocket expense. If your roofing contractor indicates roof repair or replacement is necessary, contact your insurance carrier to see what benefits may cover the costs.


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