The days after you take down all of your holiday decorations is a great time to make some small décor changes. Don’t get me wrong, budgets are likely blown after spending on gifts, but some simple changes can give a fresh look for the new year.

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Throws and pillows

The easiest way to change the look and feel of a room is to change or add some throw blankets and pillows. As far as pillows go; you don’t have to buy new pillows, but invest in pillow covers. The variety of pillow covers are endless. You can easily change each room to reflect the current season by simply covering your existing pillows with zip up covers. Pumpkins for fall, baskets of flowers for spring, sunshine and tropical plants for summer; you can find covers that have images of these themes. 

Add pretty fringed throw blankets into the mix as well. A thoughtfully placed throw here and there says you have an eye for details and completes the warmth of a room. Making home décor changes truly don’t have to break the bank. 

Wake up a tired sofa

Replacing furniture is not an option usually; especially right after spending a fortune on gifts. You really don’t have to go so drastic if you’re wanting a fresh look for the new year. There are a wide variety of slip covers for sofas, loveseats, and chairs. These aren’t your mother’s slip covers that are ill fitting and saggy. Tons of slip covers are designed to hug your existing furniture and can hide a variety of problems. 

If your furniture is looking worn but still has life, just add a slip cover and new pillows and throws as mentioned, and boom; a totally new look.

Don’t forget the bedroom

For most people, the bedroom is a private space that visitors never glimpse. Even if this is true, don’t neglect redecorating your bedroom. Remember, this room is supposed to be a haven; a place of peace and good feelings. It’s easy to be distracted if your bedding is worn, outdated, or not really your style. Paint a wall to make give the room a nice accent. Another option these days is adding wallpaper to a wall. This trend is here to stay. Keep your colors comforting; blues, greens, and yellows give a sense of peace. If red is your favorite color, add splashes here and there but don’t go all out with colors that generally get us geared up and not down.

Simply adding a coverlet over your current bedding can change the look of the room. Don’t forget the pillows! A few pillows here and there reflect comfort. 

Window coverings

A much overlooked aspect to your décor are window coverings. Sometimes we add some kind of blinds to a window and think the job’s done. Blinds are a choice, but I prefer drapes or curtains. If you are a super private person, of course, choose fashionable blinds that will allow light in but keep prying eyes out. But in addition to blinds, adding curtains immediately impact the look and feel of a room. I don’t use blinds so I choose room darkening black out curtains. For natural light, open those curtains and enjoy the sunshine. At night, simply pull the curtains closed.

Choosing curtain rod colors and type make sliding curtains open and closed a breeze. If you have to fight opening and closing the window coverings; you’ll be super frustrated. Choose rods that accommodate your window sizes and style of décor. Curtain rods come with decorative finials and finishes like chrome, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and more. You’ll need to determine whether you want your curtains to only be long enough to cover to the window sill or to the floor and purchase accordingly. If you plan on using curtain tie backs, consider this in your measurements. The curtains will come up a bit when tied.

Now that it’s back to the grind, I hope you are able to make some of these simple changes to give a fresh look for the new year!

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