Skinny Paloma

The Skinny Paloma- Low Calorie, Delicious, and Refreshing

Skinny Paloma

While on vacation in Puerto Vallarta earlier this year, we discovered what was described to us the “The Official Drink of Mexico.” It’s a skinny Paloma (even thought they don’t call it skinny). Honestly, barely an hour went by when this drink wasn’t in our hands. Besides the fact that this skinny Paloma is amazingly delicious- it’s also wonderfully low calorie. The only calories come from the tequila used. Now, the recipe amounts can, of course, be tweaked to your liking but here is how I like it best:

1.5 oz Tequila

1 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

5-6 oz Fresca (I didn’t even know they still made Fresca- happily, they do!)

Ice and a glass with a salted rim

That’s IT!! The Fresca has no calories- and tequila has about 69 calories per ounce. (I’ve been known to fill up a Tervis with this nectar of the gods and I salt the rim of the snap on lid).


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