This Spring Tulle Wreath is Amazingly Easy!

I love this simple spring tulle wreath! It really is just about the easiest wreath you can make. There are just a few materials needed: tulle (by the roll), a rounded 14″ styrofoam wreath form, and embellishments. That’s it. 

Here are the brief instructions:

Take your 6″ rolls of tulle and cut them into 20″ lengths. I used four colors; green, yellow, pink, and orange. It took about 96 strips of tulle for my wreath so that’s about 24 of each color. 

Tie the strips of tulle to the wreath form using a double knot for each strip. Be sure the knot winds up at the top of the wreath.

Alternate the colors as you go keeping them in a consistent pattern so you do have a concentration of one color in any area. As you go, scoot each tied close to the one beside it.



Continue this all the way around the wreath.

Add embellishments and voila! You’re done!! I just hot glued a couple of daisies on mine and added a “Spring” hanger I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I attached it with some floral wire.

This is seriously one of the easiest wreaths you can make. It’s a great project to do with you kids because there’s not really any intricate steps. I hope you try it!

Here’s a video of me making this same wreath for further details.

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