Being a homeowner comes with the pride of ownership but also the responsibility of ownership. Upkeep and maintenance are the not so glamourous aspects of owning a home. It’s very important that as a homeowner, you take on the job of keeping your home in good working order. But even the most conscientious home owner can be hit with unforeseen issues.  Statistics say that 1 in 10 American homes will be hit with some form of natural disaster. There are other common issues that can take a toll.

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A recent FBI report indicated that a home burglary occurs every 20 seconds. A home break in can cost you the more than just the cost of good stolen. Many times property damage occurs at the time of the incident. Broken door frames, windows, and other damage is likely in the event of a break in. Having insurance is a must even if you rent your home. Be sure you have the coverage necessary to cover your losses in the event of a theft. 

Adding a home security system and cameras is a great way to deter thieves from targeting your home. A thief will be less likely to target a home with a visible security system. Having a dog will help deter a thief from gaining illegal entry to your home has well. You don’t have to invest in a large scary dog to help keep your home safe. A burglar wants privacy when breaking into a home. His goal is to not draw any attention to the fact that he’s where he shouldn’t be. Even a small yapping dog can be enough to cause a bad guy to move along to the next house.

Termite infestation

According to current statistics, termites are responsible for damaging 600,000 residential structures in the US. Homeowners must spend $5 billion annually on repairs from a ripple effect. The best way to curtail the effects of termite damage is to be proactive. Don’t wait until you have termites to treat for them. There are seasons when termites are known to swarm, it’s wise to seek professional termite treatment before that time.  

Don’t let the cost of treatment stop you. The damage to your property and potential value of your home is affected by having termites. You don’t want to take a chance on your largest investment taking a hit.

Water damage

The website has indicated that about 14,000 households experience various forms of water damage daily. Water damage can go undetected until there are big repairs to be made. This is why is vital that you inspect your home at least once a month to ensure everything is in good working order. Installing gutters to carry the water away from your home is the place to start. Standing water around your home can cause damage to your foundation. 

Check your roof shingles periodically to be sure there is no damage. Even if your roof looks in tip top shape, make sure there is nothing that has come between the shingle and roof specifically around the the edge where the roof meets your gutters. Leaking window seals can cause your sills to swell and need replacement.

Inside your home, be sure all of your sinks have tight seals on drains. Any water that makes it under the drain pan can cause very expensive damage. In the event of a freeze, be sure your pipes are empty and outside valves are covered and insulated to prevent the pipes from bursting. If you are traveling for any extended period of time, it’s a good idea to turn off your home’s main water valve. This will ensure no damage can occur from leaks you may not be aware of.

Be cautious

Remember that it doesn’t make you paranoid to be cautious. If you’re prepared, home ownership can be a joy. There’s nothing quite like being the king of your castle.

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