Trying to create a more modern and efficient home is home improvement worth tackling. Once you’ve achieved the aesthetic you love, you may want to spend some time considering how secure and private your home really is. While you may love hanging out with friends and family, your privacy is still very important. If your home seems too exposed, and you feel like you’re always on show when relaxing in your garden or sitting on the sofa you may want to take a few steps to increase your privacy.

Install a fence and gates 

The easiest way to keep inquiring eyes off of your private areas is to make sure they simply can have sight lines. Installing a privacy fence around your property is a great way to make your home feel safer and more private. Companies like Texas State Fence can work with you to find the ideal design to meet your privacy needs, whether you just want to make your yard feel more enclosed for safety reasons or to keep people (and critters) off your property. You can add a large gate that works with a remote control that will open to reveal your driveway to keep your vehicles safely tucked away behind the fence as well.

Plant hedges 

If you’re looking for a more natural barrier, plant hedges that are designed to thrive as taller plants. If you have an open type fence, a hedge row can add a barrier between your home and yard and prying eyes. These types of hedge rows can be beautifully trimmed to create a gorgeous design. Some are flowering that put on quite a show in spring and summer. Choose evergreen plants so they will keep their green foliage even during the winter.

Add blinds, shutters, or curtains

Opting for DIY exterior shutters could be another answer, especially if you don’t have the time to grow hedges or install a fence. These shutters provide multiple benefits aside from privacy since you can keep them closed while still letting air circulate. The same goes for blinds and curtains, which can block the view from the outside but can be open when you want to let the light shine in. The variety of binds are endless. They not only can provide privacy, but also can transform the beauty and design of your room. 

Apply decorative window film or frosting

Sometimes, you don’t need to make the entire house private, just the areas that are exposed to neighbors or the street. If you want to prevent people from seeing inside your property, applying quality window films can solve your problems and make your house feel more secure and private without investing in potentially expensive measures. This option also maintains the same light level, so you won’t feel like your home is darker. There are gorgeous window films that look so much like stained glass that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. A frosted film is perfect for windows that are in more private areas like bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Add deterrents 

You may not even need to install a range of privacy measures as long as you use deterrents. These deterrents can include security cameras and lighting, but also Beware signs that encourage strangers to keep on walking. Even small stickers posted to the door to warn away uninvited callers (such as door-to-door salespeople) can make your home feel more private and secure so you and your family can enjoy being at home without the risk of interruption.

You don’t want your home to feel like a prison, but you do need to take measures to secure your home and your family. These few tips will help you achieve the desired safety without interruption to the enjoyment of your home.


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