The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HV/AC) system is one of the most expensive aspects of home home ownership. Regardless if you live in a very cold climate or very hot climate; you need this appliance to be working at optimum performance. The older a unit is, the less efficient it will run. This, in turn, will make you have to run the system longer each day to achieve a comfortable temperature indoors. High utility bills, as a result, can cripple your budget.

Whether you use a central heating and cooling system or have a boiler that serves as heat for your home, you need to know when it’s time to replace.

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It’s old

If your heating/air conditioning system is more than 20 years old, you’d likely benefit from having new units installed. Newer units run much more efficiently and must meet government standards on emissions. If you use a boiler for heat, upgrading to the latest energy efficient model will save you money in the long run as well. Maintaining the water pipes that moves the heat from your boiler also need to be maintained and checked yearly. Having a professional plumbing company like Made’s Plumbing do your annual maintenance check is a good idea.

Frequent repairs needed

If your air conditioning/heating system is constantly breaking down; it may be time to replace it. Repairs likely will cost up to $500 per service call, can add up quickly. There are ways you can finance the purchase of a new unit so you can upgrade. Yes, you’ll be taking on a payment, but some of that payment will be offset with the savings you will likely see on your monthly utility bills. Plus the enjoyment of being at home will increase being able to heat and cool it comfortably. The fear of having your unit break down causes undo stress that can be eliminated with the purchase of an entirely new system.

Changes to your home’s footprint

Many home owners have decided that in light of new higher interest rates, purchasing a new home is off the table. With that in mind, many are choosing to renovate their existing homes. You may have added bathrooms or enclosed a garage to create a man cave. These new rooms need to be heated and cooled and your existing HV/AC unit may not be able to handle the additions. Upgrading to a larger unit may be the key to creating a comfortable environment in these rooms.

It’s costing too much to run

One of the best reasons to upgrade or replace your existing HV/AC system is the cost of utilities. Older units will almost always cause your energy bills to run high. People are looking to save money everywhere they can these days; lower energy costs can help. If your systems are having to run 10-12 hours a day just to keep the interior of your home comfortable; you’re wasting money. 

When you decide to upgrade, do research on the most efficient systems for your climate. What works in Texas may not work in Maine. Be sure your duct work is installed properly and have no open areas where air can escape. If you have boiler heat, be sure your pipes aren’t rusty or on the verge of leaks. In any situation, be sure your units are consistently maintained and working properly.

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