If you’re going to putting your home on the market anytime soon, you need to think about doing a couple of things that will add value to the property. It’s a very competitive market right now and you want to be able to compete with other homes near you. You also want to get top dollar. To do both of these; your house needs to be in the best condition possible. 

You need to think of things that can set your home apart from the others. Here are a few things that will likely help you increase the value of your home.

Add a Deck or Patio

A great way to add perceived living space onto your home is to add a patio. This can be done one of several ways, doing the work yourself will save money in the long run. You can hire a concrete company to pour a patio for you, but I can promise you, this can be costly. You’ll likely spend over $3k on a 10’x10′ slab depending on where your home is located. Or you can go to YouTube and find some how-to videos on a DIY patio project

Using pavers is a fairly easy patio installation. Think of it like tiling a room in your home; except instead of mastic, you’ll be using a sand mixture as your sub-strait. You can go with an easy pattern by using plain square pave stones or you can get fancy with smaller pavers to create intricate designs. There are material calculators out there that will let you  put in the size of patio you plan to build and what material you want to use and it will calculate how many pavers you’ll need. 

A wood deck is a little different. You’ll need to frame out your space by either setting the framing posts in concrete, or by using concrete deck blocks. After you build the frame, you’ll simply nail in your boards across the deck frame and attach them with nails. Using cedar boards is the best choice as they are insect resistant. You’ll definitely want to stain and seal the deck after installation.  If you seal the deck it won’t take much maintenance.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Kitchens sell houses; it’s a fact. If your kitchen is outdated, there are ways you can update it and breath new life into the space without replacing the entire kitchen.

Your cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen space. If you have quality wood cabinets that are in a configuration that you love, you can simply paint them. Of course “simply” is a loaded word. It’s a lot of work. But the end result can be a true transformation. You need to remove all of the doors and hardware. BE SURE TO NUMBER THE DOORS so you know what cabinets boxes they should return to to. Sticky notes are great for this. Clean everything (boxes and doors) with a strong de-greaser. Then choose a high quality paint- I’d suggest a satin finish and either spray or brush the cabinets. I’d give at least two good coats. Use a satin clear coat poly on top to be sure the cabinets will have a lasting finish.

By updating the kitchen now, you’re home is sure to go to the top of any buyer’s list. It’s best to not give a buyer a reason to look for something else when your home has already updated this vital area of the home.

Return on Investment

You might be thinking that it’s unwise to invest money into a home you’re not intending to keep. Be forward thinking. If investing $2k in your existing kitchen will realize a $10k return, isn’t it worth the time and expense? I’m not suggesting that you go take on big debt to make these improvements. Maybe you’re not in the place financially to even think about spending money to improve your home and just want to sell it. Consider what you could gain by making the improvements. Make it a long term goal. If you’re too far in debt now you may want to check out is DTSS legit   to get things back to where you need to be financially. It all starts with planning. Once you get your current debt handled, then you can better look to the future.

Wherever you are in your life currently, selling your home can be a profitable proposition. How much of a profit you’ll make depends greatly on the condition of your home. Try some small things to add value and take advantage of the somewhat healthy real estate market.


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