It’s the biggest investment most of us will make in our lifetimes. I’m talking about your home. Whether you buy a new build or a pre-owned home, over time, the house will deteriorate. Doing general upkeep as well as more complicated home repair is just a fact of home ownership. There are decisions you’ll make over the course of your ownership can keep costs down when those problems arise. The truth of the matter is home maintenance is a must.

Fall Blooms

Choose a roof that lasts

No matter what region of the country you’re in, weather is a major factor when it comes to roof repairs. Here in the south, we have everything from hail storms, to tornadoes, to hurricanes. High winds can wreak havoc on roof shingles. In colder climates ice storms can cause limbs to break off of trees and do a number on the roof as well. Heavy snows and such bring its own problems. In other words, you roof will likely take a beating.

Missing shingles opens your roof up to leaks that will in turn could cost you thousands in repairs. You can help reduce these types of damage by making smarter choices when it comes to your roof. There are many styles of shingles from which to choose. Depending on they style of your home you can choose from many shingle materials. Asphalt is the most popular, but people often opt for slate, clay, or wood shingles. A popular choice these days is a metal roof for residential properties. With the rise in popularity of barndominiums, in Texas, we see metal roofs galore. This is actually a great choice for any home.  There are several benefits of installing a metal roof; the biggest being that they are more energy efficient because of their reflective qualities. This can reduce cooling costs by 10-25%. They are also more sustainable since they are usually made from recycled material. It’s a truly hardy choice.

Regular maintenance is a must

The biggest aspect of keeping your home in tip top shape, is doing regular maintenance. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to look after your house; no home repair fairy will pop in to take care replacing your air conditioning filters or to flush the sediment out of your water heater. That’s on you. If you sit back and do nothing, don’t be surprised when things start failing, if you haven’t kept up regular maintenance tasks. Doing small maintenance tasks will help prevent big expensive repairs in the future.

Small things like keeping your bathroom tub and shower area well-caulked to prevent leaks behind tiles will save you future headaches. Cleaning these surfaces to keep them mold free is so much easier than trying to remove the mold once it starts.

Don’t forget the outside of your house when doing monthly maintenance chores Keeping your gutters clear of leaves is a pain, but it’s better than roof damage caused by water that backs up because of clogs. When cold weather sets in, be sure to wrap exposed outdoor pipes to prevent any residual water from freezing and bursting them. You sprinkler system has a valve that’s usually away from the house- remember to winterize this too or you may get an unexpected surprise. A busted valve can be pricey to repair, don’t ask me how I know.

Speaking of bad weather

Persistent rain and snow can cause serious damage to your property. Pay attention and look for problem ares before they become catastrophic. The next time you get a steady rain, look around your yard. Check your yard’s drainage. Is there water pooling in any areas? Address those problem areas; sometimes all you need is a French drain to carry the water away from your house. Flooding that manages to seep its way into your house can ruin your floors and walls. You don’t want to have to deal with this type of issue. Melting ice and snow can also act like flooding from rain. It’s imperative that you have a way to move water away from your house in case of these weather events.

To prolong the life of your home, home maintenance is a must. Responsible home ownership will protect your biggest investment and keep your home standing for years to come.


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