Water is essential for life; very few living things on the planet can survive for long without an adequate water supply. While water may be vital to our survival, it can also create its fair share of problems too in the form of water damage. 

Water-related issues in the home are relatively common, but to prevent lasting damage, you need to address them quickly. If left unchecked, water can lead to significant problems and impact your home’s safety and structure. To ensure that your house remains watertight and free from damage, it is wise to be aware of potential pitfalls, and to know how to spot the signs of potential issues as soon as they appear.

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Keep Your Gutters Clear

Having gutters installed around your house is a must if you want to channel rainwater away from your entrances and landscaping. It doesn’t stop with the installation however. Unless you have gutter screens installed as well, blockages are likely to happen. Checking to be sure your gutters are clean ensures the flow of water will be unimpeded. This will be a likely be a factor at the beginning of fall when leaves start to come down from the trees. 

Blocked gutters will cause rainwater to back up to the roof line where it can seep under shingles. This, in turn, can cause the water that’s meant to be carried away from your house to actually start flowing inside your house. Wet drywall and floors can turn into a nightmare of mold, swelling, and odors.

Standing water around your foundation can also become a problem. Wash out and ground swelling can cause shifting and that can become a nightmare. It’s vital for the health of your house that rainwater flows away from your home.

Getting your gutters cleaned every so often is a vital part of your household maintenance. Removing the leaves, moss and other debris from your gutters will ensure that it can perform correctly and get that unwanted water channeled away.

Deal with Disasters Quickly

Having unwanted water in your home is is always a headache. Whether you’re experiencing damage from a broken pipe or flooding from heavy rains. The most important thing you can do is to deal with it quickly as possible.

For a small disasters, using a ShopVac and some towels may be enough to remove standing water. For a bigger problem, seeking help from a water mitigation service is a wise idea. Using a professional service can help your home get back to normal faster and more efficiently and ensure that it is thoroughly dried out and less likely to encounter long term damage. Professional contractors have the experience and special equipment needed to get the job done.

Look Out for Signs of Problems

There are some obvious signs that you could have a potential water damage problem. Take the time to look for the signs, especially after heavy rains. Check the ceilings throughout your house. Look for any kinds of darker spots and discoloration that may indicate the ceiling has encountered some kind of leak. If you have wood floors, check for areas of swelling where water may have penetrated. Window sills can show tell tale signs of water leaks. Again, check for swelling or bubbled areas that could mean your windows need to be resealed. 

Once you discover any signs that you have a problem, you need to get those areas repaired as soon as possible. Keep the numbers of reliable plumbers and tradespeople handy in case you need to get someone out to your home quickly. Also know where your shut off valves are located outside the house in case you encounter a ruptured pipe. You can reduce damage by turning the water off  at the first sign of such a leak

Don’t let your failure to do monthly checks cause a problem down the road. You may not be able to stop all water damage from happening, but you can definitely prevent some occurrences. Be proactive and protect your biggest investment!


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