Controlling common household pests is an important aspect of home ownership. Discovering unwelcome pests in your home can be frustrating. There is nothing worse than turning on the kitchen light and seeing insects scurry across the floor. Don’t even get me started on the moment you see a mouse dash under a piece of furniture. EEK! Ridding your home of these kinds of pest problems can be difficult. Locating the source of the problem (where those suckers are hiding) is just one aspect of the process of eradicating it.

Did you know that you may need different types of treatments depending on the pest? There’s really not a one-size fits all solution. Some pest control treatments can be done by the homeowner, but others like rodent control service are better handled by professionals. How do you choose the best pest control company? Following are some things to look for.

How many years have they been in business?

When dealing with pest control problems, you want to find a company with an abundance of local experience. Check to see how long the company you’re considering have been in business. A start up company may be fine, but you’re going to find limited reviews from previous customers. Ask questions to base their actual knowledge of pest control. Ask what kinds of chemicals they use. A company that’s been in business over 10 years is likely dependable. You should still check online reviews and see if they have any complaints filed against them.

What are their fees for pest removal?

Ask up front what kind of a fee schedule they have. You want to know how much they will charge for the job that needs to be done. Have them come to your home and see what needs to be done, then get a quote. Check their fees against other local companies to be sure you’re getting the best deal. Ask if they offer discounts or coupons. Depending on the type of pests you need removed, it can get fairly pricey.

Is their work guaranteed?

Most pest control companies give some sort of guarantee against re-infestation. It’s usually some kind of time limit. Most of the time they’ll come and retreat if a re-infestation occurs within weeks of initial treatment. Ask about any actions you can do that might rendered your warranty or services invalid. You need all of the information on how to make sure you get the most of the treatment.

Check those reviews

Again, the best way to know you’re getting a reputable company is by looking at complaints and reviews. There are several websites that offer local business reviews. Try to find a company with several. Many times people only write a review when they want to complain. It could be an unfair assessment of the business. Checking with Better Business Bureau’s website  gives an accurate look at complaints filed and the resolution. They also grade companies as to customer satisfaction. Check reviews on social media and Yelp to see what they are saying there. 

Are they available when they say they are?

If you choose a company and find that they don’t answer their phones during office hours or return calls in a timely manner, that’s a red flag. If they don’t show up for the initial quote, consider another company instead of rescheduling. Some companies are notorious for setting appointments and then ghosting the customer. You do not have time for a company that is not available when they say they are. You need to choose a company that is serious about the job they do; this includes being on time.

Hopefully, if you have a pest issue; it will be handled in a timely manner with great results.

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