Just like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms, they can make it clear what decade it’s supposed to be when taking a look at them. Quintessential 1970s bathrooms will have earthy tones like greens, oranges, yellows, and even reds; the tiles are usually with wacky designs, and of course, there are covered toilet seats. Even nowadays, in the 2020s, there’s a specific design element, too, such as round mirrors, live houseplants, and rounded edges. But what about making a timeless bathroom? 

Photo of a bathroom
Photo by Terry Magallanes on Pexels

Can you give your bathroom a fresh feel that will stand the test of time? You can if you’re careful to not chase trends; instead, have a design that truly withstands the test of time. Here are a few ideas that will help you design a bathroom that will withstand the test of time.

Choose a Neutral Palette 

For the most part, this is something that’s done nowadays, and you really can’t go wrong with this. Using neutrals such as white or even beige can be excellent. In general, you can basically think of the color as the foundation of a timeless bathroom. So, why neutrals? Well, these classic colors create a serene and versatile backdrop that allows you to accessorize and update without a major overhaul. Plus, there’s something about a white bathroom that screams “clean” and “timeless.” White subway tiles, for instance, are a timeless choice for bathroom walls that pair well with various styles.

Think About the Bathtub

So it’s not just the colors that make a bathroom quintessential from a time period, but it’s going to be other aspects too, such as the bathtub. If you want to replace tub, than it’s going to help to go for something more timeless, such as a clawfoot tub or a corner garden tub. 

Stick With Classic Flooring

It’s not just the walls that can signify a certain time period for a bathroom, it’s also the flooring as well. Just think about common trends for bathrooms for a moment; back in the 1960s, carpet for your bathroom was a thing; even nowadays, grand marble flooring is super popular. 

So, you’re going to want to choose something that undoubtedly withstands the test of time, something that blends in with the room. You just can’t go wrong with classic options like hexagon tiles or even herringbone patterns, plus these add a touch of traditional charm to your bathroom. 

Choose Your Accessories Wisely

All those little details in your space are going to add up to help you create the space you want, what time period, and, of course, even something timeless. So you need to make sure you’re being cautious with accessories since this will also make a big impact. You can’t go wrong if you’re mixing up some old and new elements, such as a towel wrack, a simple soap dispenser, ect. 

Make Sure There’s Balance

No matter what, there needs to be symmetry; this is vital for a timeless look. Whether it’s matching sconces on either side of the mirror or a balanced layout of fixtures, this design principle enhances the timeless and classic appeal of the space.


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