Are you wishing you could give your home a fresh new feel but you’re not interested in a total home makeover? There are several small changes and easy modifications you can make that can breath new life into your living spaces. It’s hard to imagine, but simple things like rugs, curtains, or accessories can really impact the look of a room.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can give your home a fresh new feel without going to too much trouble, taking too much time, and more importantly; without breaking your bank.

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Think about your windows

You windows are probably one of the last things you think of in your décor scheme. Usually when you purchase your home they are front of mind inasmuch as you measure them for some kind of blinds and that’s about it. But beyond shutters or blinds, there’s a world of decorative window coverings you can choose from to change the look of any room. From dramatic full coverage drapes, to simple light sheers with a subtle pattern; window covering can change the feel of the room.

Spruce up your carpets and flooring

The largest décor element in any home is your flooring. Even if you have carpeting that is very expensive to replace, you can still change things up. There is no reason you can’t use an area rug over your existing carpet to give a new vibe in the room. Try a neutral jute type rug that’s really large so it covers most of the floor. Move all of your furniture and center the rug in the room to where your carpet only shows as a frame on the edges. Then replace your furniture. That’s it! You’ve given the room and entirely new look for likely less than $300.

Printed area rugs can be quite expensive, but if you buy indoor/outdoor rugs, the cost comes down exponentially. If you have hardwood floors, a colorful area rug can make a dramatic difference in your room. You don’t have to purchase an expensive Persian rug for this room. If you have pets and children, it’s likely a mistake to do so. Grab an indoor/outdoor rug from a big box store and give your room some drama.

Move some furniture and accessories around

It’s always fun to give your furniture a little mix up. If possible, change a family room side chair out with one that’s in a bedroom. Or swap side tables. Even little changes can get you out of your daily rut. Move a couple of table lamps around from one room to another. It’s always a good thing to give your eyes something a little different to see.

You might find you can free up extra space in a room just by repositioning a piece of furniture. Of course decorating for different seasons always keeps things a little different and interesting.

Make small changes in different rooms 

You could look to make some small changes to some of the rooms you use often. Here are some of the areas that could make a difference:

  • Bathroom – This might mean changing towels in a bathroom or adding some new accessories. You could add a red shower curtain, for example, or add a glass divider instead. You could add pretty bath rugs to go with the curtain as well. Don’t forget your bathroom towel bars and fixtures as well. 
  • Kitchen – Kitchens are expensive to replace, so you could look to work with what you have got instead. This might mean painting kitchen cabinets, or looking to add new accessories. The kitchen is such a big part of the home, so these changes can have a big impact. Simply clearing counters can make a big impact.  

 Do a spring clean no matter the season

Giving your home a good spring clean no matter the season, may be all your home needs to give it a fresh new feel. This may involve de-cluttering some areas and scrubbing others. This is a great time to gather things for homeless shelters and other charities. Taking time every so often to have these types of clean ups is important. It’s easy to accumulate all sorts of things we truly don’t use or even want for that matter.

While doing that spring clean, it’s a great time to tackle those hated chores like cleaning the windows and baseboards. It’s time to hit all those areas we dread and put off as long as possible Let’s face it though, there is nothing quite like have a sparkling clean home to give a huge level of contentment.

Sometimes making a few changes to your home can make a big difference to how it looks and feels. Hopefully you’re feeling a little more inspired to give your home a refresh knowing it doesn’t have to be too difficult or break the bank.


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