Lighting in a room has many uses beyond helping you see. Depending on the room and its use, lighting can even impact your enjoyment of a specific space. From creating an ambiance to saving on your bills, here are some key points when considering the lighting for the rooms in your home.

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The impact of good lighting

It is an essential part of any modern home to light it well. It has been proven that a lack of light, whether artificial or natural, can impact your mood. Natural light especially can generate mood-boosting brain chemicals, offer UV hygiene, and help promote vitamin D production. Artificial lighting and new bathroom remodeling technologies can work wonders because, unlike the sun, you can control them. From LEDs to smart homes, you can find your perfect lighting.

Artificial lighting in a room

We depend on artificial light for modern convenience. From candles to smart hubs, we need to control the light in our homes for many reasons. Some lights help us set the tone and mood, perfect for romantic dinners or relaxing spa days in our bathrooms. But there is also a health and safety aspect to home lighting as well. How could you safely shave each morning without the right lighting you need? And a reading nook just isn’t the same without cozy lighting.

The ambiance of the room

When it comes to home design and getting your home perfect for your needs, setting the ambiance using artificial lighting is vital. It can actually be quite hard to get right, but it has immense results when you nail it. A well-designed lighting setup in a room makes you want to be there, and the enjoyment is better with layered lighting. Layered lighting is the method of using different light sources of varying tones and brightness to make your room feel just right.

Health and safety with light

Some rooms require more than just the right ambiance, given their multifunctional nature. The bathroom is a perfect example. The bathroom can be a relaxing oasis and your well-earned escape from the world. You can set amazing ambient light using smart bulbs and dimmable LEDs. But you also need bright white light for doing certain things such as shaving, styling your hair, and other personal grooming habits. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself while in there.

Trending modern lighting ideas

You will notice that there are multiple types of lights all over your home. And this is because they all serve a purpose. Yet lighting can be hard to get right, even with modern solutions. So, whether it’s the ambiance you are looking for, practicality, or both, here are some trending ideas:

  • Wall lights can make a big impact on your décor and can help control the layers.
  • You will often use ceiling lights for areas that require more, such as in the kitchen.
  • Well-placed accent lights help add layers of depth to a space to highlight a feature.
  • Ambient light from sources like recessed lights and pendants provides practical lighting.
  • Install task lighting to get things done such as in the new bathroom or kitchen.
  • LED lighting is so versatile, and USB strips can add a touch of elegance to a room.
  • Interior designers are now using layered lighting methods in room development.

Ambient lighting can only go so far, and rooms without much natural light will get the most benefit. But of course, when it gets dark, your lighting can really, well, shine when done right. Layered lighting is one method of taking your lighting to another level, but it’s hard to get right.

Using the available natural light

As mentioned, natural light isn’t always available, and artificial light helps make up the shortfall. However, where there is natural light, you can use it to your advantage, and it comes with numerous benefits. For example, light from the sun doesn’t cost anything, and it can even help boost the warmth in a room. There are also additional physical and mental health benefits to finding ways to get more natural light into the rooms of your home, as outlined below.

Natural light health benefits

Natural light is indeed a source of warmth. And with this warmth comes a kind of security that artificial light cannot provide. Is there anything like sitting in your favorite spot of your home in the bright sunlight of an autumn day with a hot drink and a good book? Not much beats that. The mental health benefits of this are immense, and it just makes you feel better. But sitting in the sunlight also encourages vitamin D production, which boosts your mood and concentration.

One of the greatest things about natural light is that, for now, sunlight is free. With energy bills soaring the way they are, this is always a bonus. Natural light provides, well, light. This means that until the short days of winter, you can make use of natural light to see what you are doing before you have to switch on lamps and ceiling lights. You are somewhat held hostage by the moving of the sun with this but added features such as skylights can help you maximize light.

The added warmth of the sun

You can also save money on your bills with sunlight in your home. Light through a double-glazed pane of glass heats up, and the glazing helps keep that warmth in, reducing your heating bills. Even in late autumn and early winter, this can have a dramatic effect, especially in the mid-morning. Sunlight coming through your window, alongside adequate insulation, will help push the room’s temperature up by a few degrees, which could mean big savings overall.


Your mood can be impacted by the lighting in a room, and it helps to try to get it right. Ambiance and health and safety need to be balanced based on a room’s function. But of course, natural light provides benefits such as warmth, reduced bills, and helping promote a better mood.


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