Did you know that cooking from scratch is easier than you think? If you think you lack the skill to be able to create a meal from scratch, stop that negative thinking. You can do it. It’s more important now than ever, to be in control of the foods that we put into our bodies. Getting away from processed foods will help your overall health and the health of your family. Cooking at home from scratch helps you control what your family is consuming and it also helps control portions. It actually will save you money in the long run.

If you want to become a better and more confident cook at home, here are some top tips.

Mother and daughter preparing avocado toast

Invest in a great knife set

Investing in the Best Knife Set will ensure that preparation is easy and fuss-free so that when it comes to cooking, you do not get stressed and feel the need to give up before you have even started. Sharp knives will cooking from scratch easier ensuring the ingredients for your recipes can be chopped with precision and safety. A dull, worn out blade is much more dangerous that a nice sharpened knife. You want to be able to quickly cut veggies, fruits, and meats with ease. Having the right knife for the job is essential. A variety of knives will lead to your safety while you prep.

Have a great set of cooking utensils

It’s a great idea to have all of the other kitchen utensils you might need on hand when you get serious about preparing meals. You’ll want several good silicone spatulas that can be used for gravy and batter. They are also great for spreading sauces. You’ll need ladles for soups and gravies, and a variety of serving spoons. Be sure you have the appropriate type of utensils for whatever type of cookware you have. Some can require silicone while other are ok with using metal.

You need a few strainers for pasta and rinsing rice. Larger holed colanders are great for pastas while wire strainers work for rice.

Try new recipes

Get out of your comfort zone. Be brave enough to search out new recipes. Pinterest can really be your friend here. Search for dinner recipes. You can really narrow your search to casseroles or one dish meals if you’re looking for convenience. When it’s cold outside; that’s a great time to look for great soup recipes. There are interesting side dishes that go beyond everyday frozen corn or broccoli. Stretch your imagination. Your family will thank you.

Check with your family for ideas

Ask your family if they have any dishes they’d like to try. Maybe let each child get to choose a meal each week. Then let them participate in preparing that meal for the family. Talk to your friends and see what they are feeding their families. They may have so go-to recipes that would work great for your family as well.

Try some meal themes

Another tip to help you become a more confident cook is to maybe choose a particular day each month for a theme meal. For instance, the second Tuesday of the month is Taco Tuesday. Choose a different type of tacos  for this day each month. There are endless types of tacos. Beef, chicken, breakfast tacos, and more. This can have a meal that everyone will look forward to each month. You may want to have a meal of the week, each week. This can break up the monotony of the same old meals. Again, get the family involved. If you have teenagers give them one meal each month that they need to plan. You may be surprised their culinary creativity.

There are many reason cooking from scratch at home is a great idea. Meals bring families together. That’s always a good thing.

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