Home. It’s so much more than just a dwelling; it’s where you spend the majority of your time. Your home should be filled with the things you love; where you’re most comfortable. A home is where you create memories  that you will carry with you on life’s journey. With this in mind, lets talk about some things you can do to create an atmosphere that encourages comfort and good feelings.

Color your world

When considering the atmosphere you want to cultivate in your home; a great place to start is with your color palette. Consider the colors that are on trend today; are there soothing, warm, and inviting colors among them? If not, don’t hesitate to pick a different color that speaks to you. As we’ve discussed many times before, stick with neutral wall colors overall. Adding an accent wall in a more bold color is a good choice if you want to jazz things up a bit. Just be sure to fill the space with other accent pieces like pillows and throws to bring it all together. If you limit yourself to a more neutral wall color, it’s easy to change up all the other accent items in the room. You can create a completely new feeling with a few changes. 

Comfortable furniture

If we’re talking about an atmosphere of comfort in your home, you cannot discount the furniture. Furniture can actually be comfortable and functional. For you large pieces like sofas and loveseats, keep to the neutral trend. Add spark with your accent pieces. Throw in a funky comfy chair to add a bit of flare to the room. Think about the fabric choices. Lots of furniture is covered in chenille fabrics. These are soft, look great, and are sturdy, but they also collect pet hair. Be prepared to have to lint roll the furniture frequently.

Leather is a great choice if you have pets and kids. It cleans up easily and is super sturdy. You may be limited in your color choices if you go this route. You need to also consider how it will feel to sit on leather for hours at a time. It’s not going to breath like fabric and may ultimately be uncomfortable as you’re likely to heat up after a time on the leather surface.

Soft rugs

More and more flooring in homes are hard surfaces. Whether you have hardwoods, laminates, or ceramic tile, your feet always feel better when they encounter a little cushion. Adding large area rugs are a great choice if you have hard surface flooring. You’re probably wondering why you’d cover up that expensive bamboo floor. You don’t need to cover the floor wall to wall. A large rug that is centered in the room and anchors your furniture is all you need. The same goes for the bedrooms. Most of the time people will choose carpeting in these rooms. If just feels great under foot when padding your way toward the closets or restrooms. Area rugs can also change the style direction of the room. It’s a great decorating tool.

Pleasant temps

An atmosphere of comfort in your home cannot be achieved without the ability to control the temperature and humidity in the house. Having an adequate sized HVAC unit for your home is incredibly important. A unit that isn’t big enough to get your home to the temperature setting of your thermostat not only causes everyone to be uncomfortable; it’s also a money drain. Your energy costs will be much more affordable and your family will be much more comfortable with a more reliable system.

Shop around and ask your friends and family for HVAC company recommendations. Companies like Bates Air and Heat are available to service your existing HVAC to be sure it’s working at peak performance or replace it if necessary. 

An atmosphere of comfort in your home is worth the trouble. You’re family will thank you for it.


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