Most everyone loves a lush green lawn surrounding their homes. Getting your lawn to that golf course level though is time consuming and can be very expensive. If your current lawn is filled with weeds and large areas of bald patches, be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars to bring it up to the beauty you’d like. To enhance the beauty of your yard, you may want to consider different options for some non-grass areas.

Best places for non-grass areas

Your front yard is likely not a space where you’ll want anything other than grass. Front yards are generally smaller in area than the backyard space and so can be maintained for less time and money. You’ll definitely want the front lawn to stay nice and green but it’s smaller size will make that less work overall. Even if the lawn isn’t as green as you’d like; keeping it nicely mowed and edged still adds beauty to your curb appeal.

That being said, you’ll likely want to add  non-grass areas to your backyard space. Think about the ways you utilize (or would like to utilize) your backyard space. That’s the perfect place to start.

Consider it additional living space

Adding areas for gathering together in the backyard can be considered an extension of your living space. Outdoor living areas are a great way to utilize the space your backyard allows. Adding a large covered deck is such a great idea. You can take a nice chunk of space from your lawn for deck installation. Add a great set of all weather patio furniture, a TV, and a table or two and viola! You have an outdoor living area that can very likely be used comfortably half of the year. You’ve now added virtual square footage and removed a large potion of lawn you’ll no longer have to fertilize, mow, and fuss over.

Decks don’t have to be wood or concrete. Measure out the area you’d like to use and add edging to define the space. Next fill the area in with crushed granite or other stone. Put some large pave stones in a pattern and then place your outdoor furniture in the area. If you can’t afford to build a pergola, you can purchase a 10 foot round cantilevered umbrella to cover the seating area. This will add sun protection and looks beautiful to boot.

Save on your water bills

Having a lush green lawn absolutely uses a lot of water.  The summer months are especially costly as there is generally less rain. If you choose to add some sort of extra living area outside, that’s less water you’ll need to maintain the lawn. Add landscaping around the areas as well to cut down on actual lawn area. It only takes a few plants to add to the landscape area for it to look polished and pretty. Non-grass areas don’t have to be barren.

Add value to your home

Any kind of living area; even outside the home can increase its value. People are staying home more and more these days and are upgrading their spaces. This is a great and not so expensive way to add upgrades that increase quality of life. If you’re spending more time at home, you need to make it a comfortable and pleasant as possible. Taking away the tasks that maintaining a lawn brings with it is definitely an improvement .

Utilizing non-grass areas of your property can offer the benefit of saving time, money, and aggravation.


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