If you’re planning to sell your home don’t discount the value of curb appeal. First impressions can be the difference in whether or not someone wants to consider a look at your home. Nothing says that a home has not been cared for properly more than a neglected yard. The perception is that if your yard and landscaping are beautiful, then the home will be also. There is no doubt that curb appeal adds value to your property.

Clean it up

The first and simplest step to sprucing up your curb appeal is to simply get your yard cleaned up. Clearing what can be perceived as junk out of your yard is a great place to start. People want a lovely yard that’s covered in grass. Tossing scraps of wood or other building materials on the side of the yard is a sure way of making the lawn look junky. Pull the weeds from your landscape beds. If the mulch in the beds is old and faded, replace it. Clean mulch brings a feeling of attention to detail. Don’t skimp there.

Curb appeal extends from your lawn up to the exterior of your home. If your brick is stained and dirty, think about power washing it. Get it sparkling. If paint is chipped or peeling, it’s best to scrape the old away and repaint. Remember to go with neutral colors to appeal to more people.

Add Some Color

Adding color to your landscape beds will bring a feeling of life to your home. You can achieve this by adding pretty planters throughout your landscaping. Fill them with easy to care for flowers. Pretty daisies and petunias look beautiful when blooming and are easy to take care of. Add a pretty brightly colored rocking chair to your front porch with a gorgeous graphic print pillow for an unexpected splash of color. Make your home’s exterior draw the eye and cause a potential buyer to be excited to explore the interior.

Create a dramatic entry

You may not have thought much about your entry door, but it can be a focal point of your curb appeal. A worn out, peeling, or dirty front door creates the illusion that the interior will also be worn and tired. Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door in a dramatic color to catch the eye. Think of adding a brass kick plate and hardware to up your front door game even more.

If you’re wanting to really take your curb appeal up to the next level consider installing new doors. The cost to install exterior french doors might be less than you think, but can add a ton of value. 

Addition to curb appeal

In addition to the drive up appeal of your home, remember a homeowner will get a 360 degree look at your property. Adding bonus space in the backyard is a sure way to grab the attention of a potential buyer. You can purchase a pergola or pavilion kit from the big box stores that will give additional living space in the backyard. Putting your outdoor grilling station under a shade structure gives a whole outdoor kitchen vibe. This is incredibly popular these days with people staying home more than going out.

Having a paved area off of the back porch is the perfect place for pretty patio furniture. This expands the living space available to the outdoors. This is especially important if your home is short on square footage. Adding a garden shed is always a great idea as well. People want to have a spot to store their lawn equipment apart from their garage. A small shed is not terribly expensive but can add a lot of value to your home.

You goal is to make the exterior of your home beg for people to enter. Make your curb appeal so look so amazing that people can’t wait to see inside. It’s a competitive real estate market right now, make your home as desirable as possible.

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