When you consider your lawn, what comes to mind? For many homeowners the lawn is just the dirt that surrounds their homes. Having a lush and tidy lawn adds a sense of pride of ownership. It’s one of the first thing that people notice when driving by your home. But, your lawn can be more than just ornamental. Your lawn can provide entertaining areas, extra living space, and even provide sustenance. 

Curb appeal

Since your lawn is a reflection of your home, it cannot be discounted in terms of the curb appeal. Your yard is truly what will give your home’s first impression. Beautiful landscaping and a clean, nicely mowed yard is the hallmark of a home that is well cared for. It takes work to create the kind of lawn that turns heads. Adding the correct seasonal treatments will help keep your lawn weed free and looking beautifully green. 

Mowing and edging weekly in the warmer months keeps your curb appeal up a few notches.

Entertaining space

Your side or backyard are wonderful areas to add a space for entertaining. This is especially wonderful if your home happens to be on the smaller side. Adding a patio of pea gravel and concrete pavers is a great space for adding some outdoor furniture for having friends over. If you want to really step up an added entertainment area, you can consider adding a pergola or pavilion. A renovation project like that may call for hiring professionals like Tartin Wood to design and build.

An outdoor kitchen is a great addition or even adding an area for a firepit for fall evenings filled with laughter and s’mores.

Add a pool or spa

Hot summer months can be cooled by adding a swimming pool to your yard. Whether you go for an in ground gunite pool or a beautiful above ground pool with a deck either add hours of fun for your family. You can extend your outdoor time into fall and winter months with a relaxing spa. These come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for relaxing your body after all of the work you do to keep your lawn looking great.

A spa has many therapeutic benefits and can help give you time to truly relax and destress.  Trevi Pools & Spas installs swimming pools and hot tubs and can take the guess work out of investing in these home improvements. It’s great to have a professional company to answer the questions you’ll undoubtedly have. This is an expensive proposition and you’ll want to do your research before investing.

Grow healthy food

Even a small yard can be big enough to add a vegetable garden. A raised bed garden can be as small as only a few feet square. Imagine being able to harvest fresh herbs for your meals. Adding your own home grown peppers, tomatoes, and onions is truly possible by accessing an area of your yard. A small greenhouse is a great addition if you live in colder climates. A greenhouse is a great place to propagate lovely flowers for your home’s landscaping and to start the veggies you’ll want to transplant into your garden area. 

Don’t just think of your lawn as the ground surrounding your home. Think of it for the value it adds and the room it gives for you to expand your quality of life.


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