Styles change through the years but always seem to repeat. I actually carry bell bottom jeans in my boutique. Talk about a blast from the past! The same can be said for architectural style as well. What is old can become new again. The art deco styles from the 30s and 40s can be seen in the 2020s. The minimalist movement of the 1960s is very much in play today. What has changed today is the freedom to decorate in what ever style makes you happy. It seems that trends are just about anything goes.

That being said, just because you have a certain style home doesn’t mean you can’t pepper in pieces from different eras. Do what makes you happy. 

Artisanal doors and windows

A key selling point and one of the first noticeable features of any home is its doors and windows. Older homes can come with amazing arched windows, stylized mullions, or stained glass. The problem with these beautiful windows is they are likely not energy efficient. Modern windows are uPVC as standard, but may lack style.  The key is finding both style and function.

Older doors like the one on our Victorian is beautifully carved but again, not as efficient. Modern doors, even though efficient, can be plain Jane and not as beautiful as iron door designs. However, modern iron doors can be made using the same efficiency technology as PVC, so they will fit right into your home.

Furniture styles

Furniture styles range from mission to minimalist, modern to rustic and farmhouse. There is nothing that says your style has to be “either or.” You can mix farmhouse with mission for example. Both styles trend toward traditional and can be mixed. A modern minimalist design functions well together. You can even throw in warmer traditional elements to the mix.

 Rustic is impressive in the kitchen, with a mix of French country. Décor that includes classic roosters, toile wallpaper, and distressed containers all go together in a beautiful and cohesive way. It’s rustic and it’s elegant. 

Retro appliances

Manufacturers have gotten on the nostalgia bandwagon and started to produce modern appliances that look retro. Stand mixers in bright unexpected colors look great on most counters. Funky toasters in retro shapes and colors are fun conversation pieces as well as a functional tool. You can even purchase a one door refrigerator with the freezer in the top that looks straight out of the 1950s.

Just keep in mind that you may tire of appliances that are too retro. Large appliances especially. You likely only purchase a new refrigerator every 7-10 years. Consider whether or not you’ll want to keep with that style for several years.

Wood floors

Live in a mid 20th century home or earlier? You will probably find that your house contains wood floors already. Check underneath your carpets to see if anything can be restored. For a cheaper option, wood look vinyl flooring is a great alternative. These floors give the look of wood but are water resistant and almost indestructible. This is a great upgrade to consider when looking to sell.

End tables

If you’d like to add a bit of retro flare into your design, purchase older end tables from the marketplace. You can likely pick up a pair of older wood end tables for less than $50. Clean, sand, and paint to add interesting and functional pieces of furniture to the room. Try an unusual color of paint to give it that extra bit of  style.

The wonderful thing about today’s design styles is that you’re free to choose what makes you happy. When you stop trying to go along with the crowd, you’ll find a certain freedom in it. Remember that just about anything goes and just because a style seems old, it can feel new again!


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